Link Building: Relevance vs. Authority. What's more important?

Link Building: Relevance vs. Authority. What's more important?

While we know that Google gives immense value to backlinks, there is an ongoing debate about their relevance and authority. Suppose you have a long list of backlinking sites- are the links with higher relevance more beneficial or that with higher authority?

The Difference 


The easiest way for google to spot a site’s trustworthiness is through all backlinks to SEO sites connected to your domain. But now it has become more complicated than the number of backlinks you have. Google is not completely clear about the factors that go into site ranking. We do know that sites with both high relevancy and authority factors provide the highest benefit to your site’s SEO. 

Search engines look at how well your site is optimized with the number and variety of your backlinks. When you have a backlinks database with high authority, the authority of your site also increases. Your domain gains organic traffic as search engine crawlers recognize your page. 


The credibility of various backlinking sites is determined by how relevant they are to your niche. When there is nothing common, the authority of your website goes down immediately. However, it must be kept in mind that relevancy alone cannot increase your traffic. 

The link-building strategy is much more nuanced, for every stage of your site development, the strategy must be updated. Remember, both of these factors give value in different ways. 

Authoritative Backlinking Sites Without A Topic of Interest 

The argument for the importance of site authority is strengthened with High Da News Guest Posting sites. The New York times, the guardian, and The Sun are incredibly useful because of their authority. 

Firstly, sites that don’t have a particular niche like newspapers will not necessarily be irrelevant to your topic. It is harder to get a high authority link than to get a relevant one. When you have relevant links but they don’t have any authority, the reach is lower. 

It is a good idea to get backlinks from popular high authority places like the New York Times. For instance, a fashion brand getting a link from cosmopolitan will still provide a lot of traffic. 

The Importance of Relevance 

It must be noted that the domain authority (DA) value is not always accurate. Surprisingly, sites whose DA numbers are lower still see an increase in traffic because of the quality of the links that they get from all backlinks SEO sites. 

What is the best quality link? The one that is the most relevant to your topic. When a link is relevant to the user’s interest, user satisfaction is increased and that is what search engines look for. 

Additionally, it should be noted that the big sites such as Reddit or YouTube skew the numbers for other sites. A site might produce top-quality content but have a lower DA rating. This is why you should choose your links wisely and analyze all points before choosing from the vast backlinks database.

It is All in The Strategy 

Analyze Your Content

The content you produce should be relevant to your brand. Keep in mind that the focus shouldn't be on the content that earns the most links, rather focuses on content that represents your brand well. 

Analyze Your Backlink Profile 

To improve your profile backlinks, you have to first know its strength. You can use various tools online to determine how the search engine views your site. The topical search flow option shows the topics that the engine associates with your site. There is also a "trust score" that shows how much your site can be trusted. 

If your numbers are low and unsatisfactory, the best way to upgrade your backlinking game is to use top backlinking sites. One of the best sites for that is the Database Backlinks which has a range of websites from all niches. It provides reliable sites with high DA and PA along with relevancy to your niche.

The Bottom Line

Both backlink authority and relevancy are significant for traffic and page rank building. With time, your strategy might change and so does the importance of these two factors vary with your goals. Initially, it is best to find sites with fairly good authority and relevance to your niche.

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