Living Does Not Have To Be Hard - Trust CUCKOO Home Appliances!

Living Does Not Have To Be Hard - Trust CUCKOO Home Appliances!
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19 June 2023

When looking for the best Water Purifier or air purifier in Singapore, trust the leading home appliance brand CUCKOO.

CUCKOO, the renowned brand has a legacy of engineering cutting-edge home devices that are equipped with futuristic and smart techniques to make your life easy and healthy.

CUCKOO’s water purifiers are crafted with the state-of-the-art Nano-positive filtration method that effectively removes all the kinds of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from the water. The water filters are capable of removing heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury from the water and dispense 99.9% pure, WHO-standard quality and healthy water for consumption.

CUCKOO’s water filters balances pH water levels and ensures the presence of all the essential minerals that include sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium in the water. This Mineralization process makes the water healthy and tasty.

The one-of-a-kind water filters of CUCKOO have unique sterilization method that sterilization every part of the water filters including the faucet and the water tank path ensuring complete hygiene water. The process is done automatically with the help of sterilization kit in-build in the water filter and without use of any chemicals.

Singapore Best Air Purifier CUCKOO removes 99.97% air borne particles, dust and allergens from the water. It has in-build Plasma Ioniser that gives the better air quality. The activated carbon and True HEPA filters remove all the kinds of impurities including pet danger, dust, pollen, dirt and bad odour from the air and release fresh and healthy air for breathing.

The air purifier comes with smart features like air quality sensor that indicates real time air quality updates with three coloured LED lighting – blue for best air quality, yellow for normal air quality and red for poor air quality.

The air purifier automatically changes its fan speed as per the real time air quality it senses. It also senses when the filter needs to be replaced and indicates it wisely.

Wrap up

CUCKOO’s air and water purifiers are mark of good health and fit lifestyle. They are crafted thoughtfully to remove all the kinds of impurities and contaminants and embrace easy and healthy lifestyle.

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