Magnificence of Gold Earrings

Magnificence of Gold Earrings
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Earrings are available in a variety of carats such as 14ct, 18ct and 22ct, though 9ct, 10ct and 22ct are also used worldwide. Carat expresses the gold content, with regard to the proportion of gold to other metals in the alloy that forms the final metal used in making the ornament. Further, gold earrings are offered  22ct Gold jewellery in a few delightful colors namely, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The colors are due to metallic parts in the alloy; yellow gold is usually obtained by mixing gold with copper or zinc, rose gold is received by including copper, and white gold includes metals like palladium and silver.

After the classic hoop models, and fancy pendant and dangling drops, the more modern versions contain the clamp earrings or clip on earrings, chandelier earrings, studs and screw-on earrings. The hoop that passes through the piercing is easy and comfortable for little girls, while gold studs offer an stylish appearance for women of all ages. Studs, normally made form solid gold, may be set with precious or semi precious stones in vivid colors that give an unique look to every pair. For large sized hoops, the gold used may be hollowed, rendering lightweight.

Textured gold, formed by processing gold in special conditions, allows a wide 22ct gold earrings range of lightweight designs, which are popular. Chandelier earrings give a dazzling appearance, with an assortment of bright and colorful stones set in the gold; they typically have branches hanging down from the base of the earring, with gem stones hanging from them. The clip-on model, which revolutionized since the 1930s, has been popular for its comfort. The screw-on or non-pierced model of earrings are rare, except in vintage earrings.

Modern methods have brought in lightweight earrings, even with a mix of yellow, rose and white gold, rendering an interesting and stylish appearance. Custom-made earrings use animated designs, floral designs, leaf designs, and classic or religious white gold earrings  symbols. Whether they are comfortable hoops, formal studs or the trendiest chandeliers, gold earrings have been an appeal of all time. It is not surprising to note that sports stars, music stars and fashion designers made gold earrings famous even for men.

Apart from providing a magnanimous appearance, gold earrings are safe on skin, and present the greatest level of comfort. As far as price is concerned, sky is the limit, yet there are a large range of inexpensive designs of eye-catching earrings, regardless of the budget.

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