Make it Last a Lifetime: The Best Stones for Engagement Rings

Make it Last a Lifetime: The Best Stones for Engagement Rings
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Your wedding ring sets in Houston, TX are one of the most important investments you will make in your life and it not only has to resonate with your style and personality preferences but also showcase love and commitment in the relationship.


With so many types of gemstones available you need to look for one that is sentimental, vibrant, durable, and will last you a lifetime. Certain rings rank higher than others on the Mohs scale like diamonds and this makes them less susceptible to scratches and other damages.


If you tend to be active, outgoing, or work a lot with your hands, then choosing a durable gemstone is the ideal choice.


Types of gemstones for your ring



Diamond rings in Houston, TX rate a tough 10 on the Mohs scale and this makes them extremely tough and resilient. Diamonds also offer you a brilliant shine and shimmer making it ideal for brides that love the fire.



Emerald stones represent love, loyalty, and rebirth along with a lovely green shade. These gemstones are slightly softer than diamonds and while they can be worn daily you need to care for them properly as they can chip if handled roughly.



Rubies rate a nine on the Mohs scale making them the second hardest gemstone after a diamond. Rubies symbolize passion, love, and loyalty and can be paired with lab grown diamonds in Houston, TX for a beautiful appeal. Rubies come in a range of shades from pink to red out of which blood-red rubies are the most valuable and expensive.



Sapphires are tough and durable and the second hardest gemstone after a diamond. These gemstones come in a range of shades and are highly cost-effective, they also represent wisdom and love. Since sapphires are affordable, you can choose a bigger gemstone that suits your style, however, keep in mind that this stone will offer you a subtle shimmer and not a bright shine.


In Conclusion

At the end of the day, always pick a gemstone that perfectly resonates with your style and personality preferences instead of simply choosing something trendy. Look for gemstones that suit your lifestyle especially if you lead a high-impact life.


While some brides tend to opt for colorless diamonds, others prefer vibrant gemstones that not only offer a lovely shine but a beautiful shade that will easily stand out in any room.

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