Managing Stress Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Managing Stress Physical and Emotional Well-Being
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11 November 2022

Stress is a normal response of the body to a situation, event, or circumstance. Which we experience as a threat or as a danger, whether real or imaginary. Stress management is essential to live a physically and mentally healthy life. We offer best services and treatment for stress at Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore.

Stress is a complex phenomenon. But in general, we get to know it as a set of sensations of physical and/or emotional tension. Its origin can be any circumstance. Or thought that the individual feels exceed their self-perceived ability. To deal effectively with a given situation or circumstance).

Do you think you may suffer from work stress? How can we identify if we suffer from it? In this article you will find the keys and tools to control and combat stress at work.

How To Handle Work Stress

Among the most common sources of job stress are

  • Low pay,
  • Work overload,
  • Few promotion opportunities,
  • Unchallenging jobs, or
  • Lack of social support, among others.

When work stress becomes chronic. The effects can be detrimental to the physical and emotional well-being.

What Is Work Stress?

Work stress is one of the consequences of excessive exposure and pressure exerted on an individual. Specifically, generate it due to a work situation. Where external demands are greater than the individual's ability to respond.

Consequences Of Stress at Work

Although at the moment there is no method capable of measuring work stress. We know of its existence due to the negative consequences that it often brings to our body:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Less dedication to work
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Deficits in performance and productivity
  • Increase in unsafe activities and accidents
  • Increased number of complaints from customers.
  • Failures in the recruitment of new employees
  • Legal issues
  • Deterioration of the image of the company before the public

Work Stress Management

There are many ways to reduce the negative impact of work stress. Here is a list of some ways to relieve work stress:

Help Yourself

Seek support and discuss any issues you have with your manager or colleagues. To discuss with them to relieve stress at work.

Get Up Earlier

Having more time to do the morning routine will make us feel more relaxed. Measure the time well and do not get up with just the right time.

Organize Your Work Day:

If you know what you are going to find when you arrive at the office. You will start the day with more peace of mind.

Managing Stress Physical and Emotional Well-Being

The problem is when stress is frequent, intense, and lasting over time. They cause intense psychosomatic reactions. And if they last in the medium term they can cause us both physical and psychological illnesses.

Nowadays, the life we ​​lead of continuous stress can cause us more nervous, anxious at times and emotionally unstable. Showing unstable behavior in certain situations. But this is not a problem if it is in a timely manner. The problem is if we do not manage our stress well.

And you find it hard to concentrate? If the answer is YES, you must learn to control your stress to have physical and emotional well-being.

Stress Consequences

In other words, stress is a consequence of situations. Where a person feels that they cannot or find it difficult to take charge, face or overcome a situation. With the resources and capacities that they feel they have.

Types of Stress

We can distinguish several types of stress:

Acute Stress:

That which occurs in specific situations that exceed our ability to cope. Such as a breakup of a couple, the loss of a job.

Prolonged Or Chronic Stress:

That which appears in situations. In which the person must be or has the feeling of being permanently alert to the environment. Which we perceive as highly threatening on an ongoing basis. Such as, for example, facing a pandemic. Like which we are suffering, with harsh restrictive social measures.

Tips For Managing Stress, Especially in The Current Situation

You Must Have a Daily Plan:

Organize your meal times, sleep, work times (breaks and homework). And spaces for leisure including personal space for you daily.

Do Physical Exercise:

Brief aerobic exercises (15-20 min) will help you to be more relaxed and calmer. To increase your capacity for selective attention. Improving your capacity for concentration and memory.

  • Make a list of goals that you set weekly. Planning them according to how high a priority it is for you.
  • It is important that every week. You give yourself at least one whim to savor having done your daily discipline.
  • It is essential that you attend to what you do. More than what you expect to obtain. Focus on what you are doing. Do not anticipate thinking about future situations that may not even happen.
  • Focus on the Here and Now. Enjoying the moment you are in and the little things you are achieving.
  • Value what is important. Prioritizing what you would like to improve and what you want.
  • Having a good relationship with your family and friends is key to cushioning your stress.
  • Visualize where you would like to be in different spheres of your life. Personal, social, work in 5 years and fight to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Set realistic, concrete, and objective goals that you can achieve.
  • High expectations can lead us to future failures and demotivation at the level of objectives.


We must learn to control and manage the level of stress we have. What we have stress in our lives. Do you have little free time and many tasks. Are you experiencing a very traumatic situation for you.

If this is the case, then you can contact our team of psychologists and doctors. Because we have specialized staff in treating stress related problems.

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