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mario games
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There are numerous coins for Mario to collect, as well as bricks marked with a question mark that, when struck by Mario, may expose additional coins or a rare item. Other bricks may also hold coins or uncommon objects, so if you have the time, attempt to destroy them as well. If Mario consumes a Super Mushroom, he transforms into Super Mario, gaining the power to shatter bricks above him and doubling his size. If he takes damage while in this shape, Mario will revert to his normal form rather than perish. If Mario consumes a Fire Flower, he transforms into Fire Mario and obtains the ability to launch bouncing fireballs. If Mario touches a bouncing Super Star (an uncommon power-up), he becomes Star Mario. In this state, Mario is nearly impervious to damage and can dispatch foes with a single touch. This is a transitory form, so make prompt use of your newly acquired abilities!

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