MEME TOON (MEME TOON): Exploring the future of digital assets integrating comics and MEME

MEME TOON (MEME TOON): Exploring the future of digital assets integrating comics and MEME
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On February 19th, MEME TOON (MEME TOON) has been listed on HotsCoin. MEME TOON is a unique digital asset that combines the elements of MEME and Webtoon to provide users with a new webcomic experience. The core token of the project is MEMETOON, which can be obtained in a variety of ways, including redeeming it with MT points, watching online animations, and collecting it through NFT. MEMETOON's goal is to reliably and more easily push artists' creations to the OTT market through market response data, while converting copyrights into NFTs for collection. MEME TOON is currently open for trading on HotsCoin.

Token information:
Token symbol: MEMETOON
Total amount of tokens: 100,000,000,000
Token type: BEP-20
Token distribution and unlocking rules:
Token sale: 10%, linear release in 36 months;
Foundation: 20%, linear release in 48 months;
R&D: 10%, linear release in 48 months;
Team: 5%, linear release in 48 months;
Consultant: 5%, linear release over 48 months;
Marketing: 5%, 3% will be unlocked in TGE, and the remaining 2% will be released linearly within 48 months;
Pledge: 20%, linear release in 36 months;
Reward: 10%, linear release in 36 months;
Ecosystem: 15%, linear release in 36 months;

A new encounter between Webtoon and Meme:
MEME TOON creates a new webcomic service that combines webcomics with MEME culture. MEME refers to popular cultural elements on the Internet, which express humor, social phenomena, culture, etc. in the form of images, videos, texts, etc., and spread quickly. MEME TOON expresses MEME in the form of web comics, providing a unique style, personalized painting style and creative storyline. This emerging webcomic genre is hugely popular among users, providing them with opportunities for entertainment and creative expression.

Future outlook:
MEME TOON, as a project integrating MEME and Webtoon, has broad market potential. With the rise of digital assets and NFTs, MEMETOON's application areas will continue to expand. The project's token economic model and reasonable release rules help build a sustainable ecosystem and attract more users and creators to participate. In the future, MEME TOON is expected to succeed in the OTT market and provide a wider display platform for digital creations. Investors should pay close attention to MEME TOON's performance and future development plans in the market.

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