Microsoft announces Public Preview of Visual Studio Online

Alex Alex 05 November 2019
Microsoft announces Public Preview of Visual Studio Online

As the technology giant had Microsoft announced that it is now a Public Preview of Visual Studio available Online. The Software allows you to Cloud-based and make Use of On-Demand development environments.

With the beginning of the Microsoft Ignite conference (4.11-8.11.2019) in Orlando is a Public Preview of Visual Studio Online is not available. The new Software expands on the already established Remote Development. New development environments, which can be configured by the user when needed and from anywhere can be accessed. Possible both the processing of large, long-term projects, as well as the Review of Pull Requests, or the short-term to Create a new Feature prototypes is this. For the connection of either Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio IDE will be needed (until now only in Private Preview), or the included Browser-based Editor. Visual Studio Online has been designed so that the existing infrastructure of the company can be taken into account.

Visual Studio goes Cloud

with the decision, the entire work process by the Microsoft Azure Cloud to host, are protected according to Microsoft, the resources of the PC, while it was possible to handle complex projects. Costs for the exact runtime of a development environment, which can be billed to the exact second, so the User pays for what is actually used. The prices for the use of Visual Studio Online, according to the used area units (0,00304 € per unit). For a smooth collaboration in distributed Teams the Tools Intelli code and Live Share be used. For environments that are already hosted by the user, it is possible to use Visual Studio Online for free.

Access to the Public Preview may be requested on the official site of the Software, for more information about Visual Studio Online can be found on the Microsoft Blog to.


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