Nakamoto Games (NAKA) Lands on HotsCoin: P2E Gaming Platform Leading Blockchain Gaming Innovation

Nakamoto Games (NAKA) Lands on HotsCoin: P2E Gaming Platform Leading Blockchain Gaming Innovation
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29 November 2023

Nakamoto Games (NAKA) Lands on HotsCoin: P2E Gaming Platform Leading Blockchain Gaming Innovation

On November 29, Nakamoto Games (NAKA) officially debuted on HotsCoin, presenting a Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform. Nakamoto Games aims to involve global gamers in blockchain-based gaming, creating sustainable and lucrative income opportunities. Currently, NAKA is available for trading on HotsCoin.

Key Information
- Circulating Supply: 72,360,517 NAKA
- Total Supply: 180,000,000 NAKA
- Circulating Market Cap: $142,469,981.099
- Fully Diluted Market Cap: $354,400,405.93

Unique Gaming Platform
Nakamoto Games offers a gaming paradise with over 200 diverse games, ranging from AAA titles to hyper-casual games. The distinctive Play2Earn model transforms the rules of gaming, providing players with the chance to earn while playing. This economic model, powered by a zero-sum token system, ensures continuous and scalable rewards for players.

For Players: HotsCoin recognizes Nakamoto Games as a pioneer in the Web3 gaming sector, providing immersive experiences. The $NAKA token serves as the core of its ecosystem, acting as Nakamoto Games' lifeblood. Players can access all games within the ecosystem by holding $NAKA, which also acts as a reward system.

For Developers: HotsCoin acknowledges Nakamoto Games' SDK as a bridge for developers transitioning from Web2 to Web3 gaming, integrating the use of the $NAKA token. This broadens the range of gaming products, increases demand for $NAKA, and enhances the gaming ecosystem.

Functions of the NAKA Token
- Play: NAKA token is the core of all games within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem, providing the necessary fuel for players.
- Earn: NAKA tokens used in games are collected in a weekly pool and partially burned. Top-ranking players receive rewards from the pool.
- Governance: NAKA token holders participate in platform governance, voting on proposals related to burning NAKA tokens and the structure of the weekly pool.
The NAKA token follows a deflationary dynamic, with a portion of the weekly pool being burned, promoting a favorable supply-demand dynamic.

Play-to-Earn Ecosystem
Nakamoto Games is a robust Web3 gaming ecosystem, emphasizing skill, strategy, and in-depth gaming knowledge. All Play-to-Earn games require strategic thinking and proficiency, enabling users to earn rewards based on skills and gaming knowledge.

Game Features
- Hyper-casual, fun, and easy to understand.
- Provides familiar gameplay without the need for prior learning or detailed guidance.
- Emphasizes skill over luck, without any form of gambling.

Ecosystem Expansion
HotsCoin observes Nakamoto Games' focus on attracting gamers and developers. Developers can launch their game titles and profit from them. The platform is not limited to a single game but constitutes a complete ecosystem. Nakamoto Games continually introduces new games and encourages third-party developers to integrate their games onto the platform through the SDK.

Development Status
Nakamoto Games has successfully launched its mainnet, with over 200,000 registered players. The game types are diverse, including short mini HTML5 games.

Conclusion: Nakamoto Games' comprehensive gaming ecosystem and innovative Play2Earn model offer unique opportunities for players and developers. However, due to intense competition, investors should closely monitor platform user adoption and market feedback.

HotsCoin will continue to monitor the project's ecosystem. (Report Writing Date: November 2023) The information in this report is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors should thoroughly understand the relevant projects and risks and, if necessary, seek professional advice.

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