Nightwear Maintenance Hacks

Nightwear Maintenance Hacks
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20 December 2023

As lingerie lovers, we know how important it is to keep your nightwear looking its best. Unfortunately, this isn't always as easy as it sounds. Laundering lingerie can be tricky. But don't worry! Lingerie doesn't need to be expensive or difficult to maintain. Here are some tips on keeping your teddies clean and smelling fresh:

Avoid using harsh detergents.

Avoid anything with ammonia, which can damage your lingerie and cause stains. If you have to use an enzyme-based detergent, make sure you rinse thoroughly before putting it back into storage. 

Silicon-based products are also not recommended because they can cause damage by attracting dirt onto fabrics over time. Eventually, breaking down those fibers and leaving permanent stains on them!

Wash in warm water.

Cold water can damage the elastic in the fabric, while hot water will cause it to shrink and lose its shape. Most people don't want that to happen! So washing your lingerie in warm water is safe for most fabrics. Make sure you don't put it into a hot dryer when done because this can also damage the elastic in the textile and cause stretching or shrinking.

Wash All Your Lingerie With an All-Purpose Detergent

A gentle detergent is best, but remember it doesn't take much to damage your lingerie. When washing your bras, soak them in cold water and hang them dry after they are scorched.

Use a lingerie bag.

Your sexy teddy lingerie may be one of the essential parts of your lingerie collection. It is also one of the things that can get tangled up and messy if not properly stored. 

However, there are ways to prevent this from happening. The solution is to use a lingerie bag (or any other kind) to keep everything neat and orderly in its place. A plastic bag works well as it's transparent, so you can see what's inside without opening anything up too much. 

Suppose you have more than one item that needs storing away. In that case, we recommend using multiple bags so they don't get jumbled together. You could even use an old washcloth or pillowcase instead. Just make sure it doesn't smell too strongly!

Don't ever use bleach.

Bleach is a strong detergent that can damage the fibers of your lingerie. It also causes color loss, stains, rashes, and itchiness. Avoid using bleach to keep your underwear looking its best for as long as possible.

Don't Put Them in the Dryer

Not long-term, not even occasionally. The heat and moisture that come with drying can lead to damage or shrinkage of your lingerie. 

Use a Stain Remover That Is Safe for Silk

Stain removers can be formulated with various ingredients that help remove multiple stains from different materials. Some are designed for oils, others for dirt and grime; some are safe for all fabrics or certain fabric types like silk. If you're shopping around for one, take note of these critical details:

  • Does the product contain non-ionic surfactants? These are less likely than anionic surfactants (including sodium lauryl sulfate) to damage delicate fibers like silk while removing stains.
  • Are there any harmful chemical additives present in this product? Some products may contain potentially harmful substances such as ethanolamines or formaldehyde.

Avoid using fabric softeners.

You may want to avoid using fabric softeners if you have sensitive skin. Fabric softeners can cause some people allergic reactions and even damage the fabric. They also tend to make the garment more effective at wicking moisture away from your body. As a result, they can leave behind a residue that could cause irritation or discomfort over time.

Dry cleaning is not an option.

  • Dry cleaning can damage the elastic in a bra, causing it to be more challenging to snap closed and cause discomfort.
  • Since dry cleaning uses certain chemicals that are not safe with delicate fabrics like lace and embroidery, this method may also cause rips and tears in these areas. 

Lingerie doesn't need to be expensive or difficult to maintain.

Lingerie is a great way to show off your shape and flaunt your curves, but it can be easy to forget about the upkeep of your lingerie. The good news is that you don't have to look frumpy in your bra or T-shirt all day! By taking these simple steps every couple of weeks, you can keep looking fresh for years.

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