Nikki Bacharach[40]: Bacharach- Angie Dickinson daughter, kills Herself.

Nikki Bacharach[40]: Bacharach- Angie Dickinson daughter, kills Herself.

Nikki Bacharach was the only child of Burt Bacharach (married 1965-1980) and Angie Dickinson (1965-1980), both in their second marital relationship. 

In1966 Lea Nikki Bacharach was born, Lea  (most people called her Nikki) was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, following her premature birth in 1966.

She spent the first three months of her life in an incubator. While growing up, her parents say she “lived a happy life in and around Beverly Hills” with lots of attention. 

 Her parents claim that she lived a happy childhood in Beverly Hills, where she received lots of attention. Nikki spent nineteen years in Faribault's Wilson Center as a teenager. It is a residential psychiatric treatment facility for adolescents.

Nikki Bacharach Wiki

Nikki Bacharach was the daughter of Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach.Nikki Bacharach (40) suffered from Asperger's Disorder, a type of autism. Linda Dozoretz spoke on behalf of the family and said she committed suicide at her Thousand Oaks condo.

The statement stated, "She peacefully and quietly committed suicide to escape the ravages to the brain caused by Asperger's."According to Mike Feiler, the Ventura County coroner's office, Nikki Bacharach died from suffocation with helium and a plastic bag.

Lea Nikki Bacharach was born prematurely in 1966. She studied geology at Cal Lutheran University but couldn't pursue a career as a geologist because of her poor eyesight.

The statement stated, "She loved kitties and earthquakes and glacial calvings, meteor showers and science, blue skies, sunsets and science, and Tahiti."Nikki Bacharach was the sole child of Burt Bacharach (77) and Dickinson (75), who were married between 1965 and 1981.

It was the second marriage of Bacharach and Dickinson. Dickinson is the star of the movie "Dress to Kill" and the TV series "Police Woman."Bacharach is the father of three children by other couples.Autism is a developmental disorder. Asperger's Disorder is also known as Asperger's syndrome.

Nikki Bacharach Mom

Angie Dickinson was born September 30, 1931, in Kulm (North Dakota). Around 10, she moved to California with her entire family. Dickinson went to Glendale College, where she worked as a secretary until she decided to pursue acting. Her breakthrough film role was in Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo. She starred in the 1970s television series Police Woman. Dickinson was a star in Brian DePalma's 1980 film Dressed To Kill. Later, she starred as Wild Palms in 1993. Pay It Forward (2001) and Big Bad Love (2002) was her later films.

Angie Dickinson's life has been marked by great success. In her six-decade-long career, she has appeared in over 50 films. Her most notable roles include Gun the Man Down (1956) and Rio Bravo (1959), for which she received the Golden Globe Award as New Star of the year. Her most notable films include Ocean's 11 Jessica, Point Black, and Big Bad Mama. Dickinson starred as Sergeant Leann Pepper Anderson in the NBC crime series Police Woman from 1974 to 1978. She was awarded a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress-TV Series Drama. Her appearances have been in numerous mini-series. She starred in Mending Fences, a Hallmark Channel movie, in 2009.

Nikki Bacharach Father

Burt Bacharach (born May 12, 1928, in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A) was an American composer and pianist who, starting in the 1950s, wrote many hit songs and composed music for stage and film in collaboration with Hal David.

Bacharach studied under Darius MilhaudBohuslav Martinu, and Henry Cowell. He also wrote arrangements for Steve Lawrence and Vic Damone and later toured with Marlene Dietrich.

He began his long association with David in the 1950s. This would lead to many hits for Dionne Warwick, such as "Walk On By" and "I Say a Little Prayer." Later, he toured with a href= "">Marlene Dietrich. From 1982 to 1991, he and Sager collaborated on various hits.

His later work includes the album Painted from Memory (1998) which he co-produced with Elvis Costello; the soundtrack for the movie A Boy Called Po (2016); as well as the EP Blue Umbrella (2021), which he produced with Daniel Tashian, songwriter and producer.

Cause Of Death

Hollywood was shocked to hear of Thursday Nikki Bacharach's (40) death. She is the daughter of Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach.The coroner's office listed her death as suicide.

Although she was slim and beautiful, her Asperger's Disorder (a form of autism) made it difficult for her to live a whole life. She was also visually impaired, but that didn't stop her from pursuing a career in geology.

She lived at Angie's house and Burt's, but she also owned her condo. She committed suicide at the end of the book, which I believe should not have been published. Nikki died from suffocation after inhaling helium and a plastic bag.

Nikki Bacharach, daughter of songwriter Burt Bacharach and actress Angie Dickinson, committed suicide, Bacharach and Dickinson said in a statement yesterday.

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Bacharach's daughter commits suicide

Nikki Bacharach, 40, suffered from Asperger’s Disorder, a form of autism.

She killed herself on Thursday night at her home in Thousand Oaks, California, said Linda Dozoretz, a spokeswoman for the family.

“She quietly and peacefully committed suicide to escape the ravages to her brain brought on by Asperger’s,” the statement said.

Nikki Bacharach died of suffocation using a plastic bag and helium, said Mike Feiler of the Ventura County coroner’s office.

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