No-Touch Freight Truck Driving Jobs: What You Need to Know

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There’s much more to truck driving besides moving freight starting with one spot then onto the next. A few companies require truck drivers to stack and empty the trailer, which includes broad actual work and time. Some trucking companies, similar to Fighter Coordinated factors, offer no-touch cargo driving, meaning drivers don’t need to stack or dump freight themselves. In this blog entry, we’ll investigate no-touch cargo driving, its advantages, and how to move your trucking vocation forward while never having to life a thing.


No-touch freight implies you work the truck yet don’t deal with the freight you’re pulling. While you enjoy some time off in the taxi, workers of the transporter, recipient, or distribution center staff load or dump a trailer or holder stopped at a shipping bay. This kind of job could likewise mean drop-and-snare freight.


This sort of transportation implies truck drivers drop off a stacked or dumped trailer or compartment at the distribution center objective and afterward connect to another trailer or holder without touching the freight or sitting around idly for the freight to be stacked and dumped.


The fundamental advantage of no-touch freight driving is it decreases actual work when drivers are in danger of weariness or getting harmed by stockroom gear. It saves time in stacking and offloading freight. While conveyed, separating bed loads takes a great deal of time and exertion for the driver.

Saves time

Contingent upon what you’re moving, stacking and dumping may time-consume. No-touch freight permits you to rest, settle on a decision, or loosen up while others handle the hard work.

Less obligation

No-touch freight jobs diminish risk. A specific driver has enough obligation by simply driving a truck out and about. Another level of liability is added while taking care of freight on a shipping bay. This could be less distressing for the vast majority truck drivers who need to zero in on driving and arriving at designated spots on time.

Things could turn out badly at a shipment dock due to raised stages, huge merchandise, and gear like harbor inclines and forklifts. With no-touch freight, stacking zones have a committed labor force acquainted with the right techniques, letting you free from certain weights.


Pulling freight can genuinely harm truck drivers, particularly assuming they have quite recently endured a few hours driving out and about. Drivers emphatically increment their gamble of back, shoulder, and neck wounds while continually stacking and dump freight.

Forklifts and bed jacks can likewise harm your legs and feet without the legitimate security precautionary measures, and no-touch freight implies you can keep a protected separation to keep away from the gamble of mischief.


truck driving career is perfect to seek after, however it requires a ton of obligation. For the overwhelming majority truck drivers moving freight is backbreaking.

As a result of these many advantages, many truck drivers look for no-touch freight transporters. The prerequisites for these positions are like those of conventional truck driving jobs yet hope to be held to a more significant level of incredible skill, responsibility, and obligation.

You must guarantee on-time and safe conveyance and close correspondence with your task’s administrator and the last office. Any individual who likes to focus just on the driving piece of trucking could pick no-touch freight.


Warrior strategic is a leading transportation company driving FedEx Ground. Our Truck Warriors work in our best-in-class Cascadia armada, which is under two years of age, and appreciate bother free no-touch freight.

In the event that you’re hoping to get openness with one of the biggest trucking companies in America and take your career to a higher level while never contacting freight, apply for a no-touch freight truck driving job with Warrior Logistics today!

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