Non-Compete Investigations: How Private Investigators Assist Clients

Non-Compete Investigations: How Private Investigators Assist Clients
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05 April 2023

A non-complete document is a part of the new employee onboarding. Upon joining an organization, employees are often required to sign several documents, including the non-complete document.

This document details that an employee should not start a similar business that directly competes with the hiring company. It can also include a clause to prevent employees from joining their competitors or sharing trade secrets.

This document is legally binding, and any violation is legally punishable. However, you need to be absolutely sure the employee is in violation of the non-complete document. Find out how a private investigator can help.

Licensed Investigation

Private investigator services need a license to pursue a suspect and find useful evidence. If a non-complete claim is false, it can cause serious damage to your company’s image and the morale of the employees working there. This isn’t good for the business, especially in the long run. That’s why these investigations need to be done discreetly. A private investigator service can go undercover and use the latest technology to determine whether your current or former employee is in violation of the non-complete document.

Court Admissible Evidence

Since private investigators need a license to offer their services, their findings can be admissible in a court of law. Moreover, they make sure not to use an illegal method that can jeopardize your company’s name. Private investigations also help you move forward with disciplinary action against the employee without facing any retaliation on the employee’s side.

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Experienced Investigators

Private investigators usually get thorough training and use state-of-the-art technology to conduct their research. They can go undercover, use surveillance, and get evidence from the employee’s work laptop to solidify their claims. They also hold initial consultations to review the issues before starting their investigations, allowing your company to understand the process.

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