Nose Piercing: A Way To Express Yourself

Nose Piercing: A Way To Express Yourself
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For most people, nose piercing is a way to express themselves. It's different from other piercings as it is more than fashion. For centuries, womens from different countries have fallen head over heels for nose piercing. The mens have become fond of nose pins. This article is for you if you are also looking for a nose piercing. Here, you will learn everything about the nose piercing procedure and care so that you can properly care for your piercing, preventing infections and any other associated problems. 

Nose Piercing- Why People Get It?

Cultural and religious reasons play a huge role in getting piercings in some countries of the world. You may be surprised that some people go through the process only to impress their deities. But, in America, the sole reason to go through the Nose piercing can be fashion. Most American youths want a nose piercing to elevate their overall look, express their style quotations, and show off their personalities. 

The Different Types Of The Nose Piercing

If we talk about the different styles of nose piercing, you have no less than 10 styles in a nose piercing. But of all, these two styles are the most popular types provided by nose-piercing Colorado springs artists. Let's take a quick look at them. 


Septum piercing goes through a thin membrane from the center of your nose. The search has been here from ancient civilizations like the Aztecs, so no wonder why it has always been in the mainstream. Celebs from Willow Smith to Zoe Kravitz have appreciated this piercing. If this is also something that goes by your style, go ahead and get one.


Nostril piercing is one of the most typical types of piercings. It is beautifully stunning and one of the stylist's favorites regarding fashion. Depending on your piercer, it can be done either through the needle or the gun. It takes approximately three months to heal completely. Once doing this piercing, you are free to wear one of the most stylish ornaments like nose rings, nose studs, nose hoops, and nose screws. Also, you can get nostril piercings on both sides, the left, and the right. 

Procedure For Nose Piercing- let's Know More About It

The nose piercing can sometimes be painful as it involves sensitive internal skin that also takes time to heal. So you have to be confident that you pick a highly skilled piercer who can help you through the process without discomfort. Here are some steps that a nose piercing procedure can typically involve. 

Find The Right Piercing Artist

It is one of the numerous crucial steps in the piercing process. The right artist can make the process less painful and more comfortable. They can provide you with your favorite nose piercing in just minutes. Also, sort out the artists based on the method they choose or the nose piercing and if they care for sterilizing the syringe.

Sterilizing means that artists should use needles that come out of sealed bags and are disposable. It can be only used once and thrown away afterward. Certified Tattoo Artists are the number one best body piercing colorado springs artists. They are just more than a tattoo studio. They have been in the industry for 15 years and can deliver professional body experience. 

Sterilized Everything

The first thing that the piercer should do is put on clean gloves. And you have to make sure your artists do that. After that, the artist will choose a sterilized cartilage or spot for the piercing. This decreases the chances of infection and contracting any virus. 


In the next step of the piercing, you can help the artists with the marking. We recommend you consult with your artists about what type of piercing you need. However, if an expert recommends the sport, you are good to go.  

Now It's Time For Piercing

Many people don't know, but needles are a much cleaner option than guns when it comes to piercing. Piercing the hollow needles has fewer chances of contracting infections or causing damage to the skin. Before you go to the piercing shop, remember one thing. Everyone has a different threshold for pain. There should only be a little twinge when the needles go through the piercing. 


Like any other body procedure, nose piercing also has some associated risks. The nose is in the danger triangle area of your face, which means if any infection occurs, it can directly impact your eyes and other parts of your face. Your nose veins are connected to the sinus cavity, so aftercare is important to prevent serious infections. 

How To Take Care Well Of The Piercing?

  • Before you touch the jewelry on your nose or the piercing, wash your hands.
  • Use a gauze pad that has been soaked in saline solution to gently clean your nose. With a brand-new paper towel, pat the spot dry.
  • Don't swim in any potentially unclean water until your nose has healed. Avoid hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools.
  • Avoid applying antimicrobial ointments to the area.
  • Move your nose jewelry only when it has healed.
  • Use fresh bedding to sleep.
  • Showers are preferable to baths.

Can Minors Allow To Have Piercing? 

For minors who wish to get body piercings, the good report is that you can also get a body piercing. Certified Tattoo is one of the best piercing places in Colorado Springs to visit if you're a minor and want to book your free piercing consultation. They can provide you with the Master Piercer. However, minors have some restrictions that come with their age. And some of the requirements are as follows:

  • Be accompanied by your parents or your legal guardian. 
  • You should have your current year school ID or a valid state-issued picture ID.
  • Also, you must bring your parents with you, and they also should bring their current state-issued photo ID.

Remember, your name must be the same on your ID and birth certificate. Also, the parents' IDs should be valid for them to be recognized as your parents, and they must stay in the same room as you. 

If you have reached this point, you have read down to the last section of this guide. We hope you have enjoyed the guide and have got answers to all your queries.

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