Nuvvu Naaku Nachavu One of the Best Serial in Recent Times

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Nuvvu Naaku Nachavu is one of the most watched and top rated TV Serials in recent times across all languages. From the posters of this Serial, one can understand the serial's theme i.e. its an Love Thriller. This super-hit TV serial dubbed from Hindi serial Beyhadh has been Telecasting on Sony Entertainment Channel which redefines love, romance, suspense and death.

Story Line

Story with May, who is the owner of "Fashion and the City" Magazine. Maya lives in a bungalow along with her Mother, as their parents were separated and Maya is very afraid of her father (Ashwin) because of his cruel nature from the past. This leads Maya to behave differently with men. And now the plot introduces Arjun, a very cool, laid back guy leading a simple life with his family (mother)and adores his brother Saanjh (his childhood friend). Saanjh is a lawyer, who takes up the Maya's company case that made a warm up with each other. she gradually develop feelings towards Arjun, but she fails to express. Except Arjun, both family members including Arjun's brother feels happy when they come to know about her feelings towards Arjun.

As photography is his (Arjun) passion, later Arjun takes up a job under Maya. Later Maya makes Arjun so nervous with her strange behaviour with everyone. One day Arjun comes to know that Maya is in trouble by Ashwin and saves her. This created soft corner towards him and starts paying attention to him. Slowly Maya fell in love with Arjun with his easy going attitude. And now the Evil in Maya turns on, when she came to know that also has the same feelings towards Arjun. Maya's love towards love is unconditional, so she becomes so possessive when someone tries to move close with Arjun and she started created problems in their friendship. One fine day Maya expresses her Love to Arjun which leaves him in shock.

While working together in Mauritius, Arjun proposes to Maya and they plan to get married while is in US. Arjun's mother doesn't like Maya because she kills her father who tried to kill Arjun. As a part of this slowly Maya tries to separate Arjun from his family, friendships, relationships and Arjun decides to cut off all ties. And now the Evil in her totally comes out after finishing a leap of 3 Years of their marriage.

Maya keeps an eye on him 24x7, and finally Arjun becomes a frustrated husband because of her extreme love, obsession and control on him. Meanwhile, she returns back from USA with her boyfriend, who is actually obsessed lover of Maya. He was using her in the name of love to reach Maya and saanjh was not aware of this. Maya and Arjun get closer and stronger than before and she becomes Pregnant.

Meanwhile, she's knows the true colors of Samay and dumps him. Samay comes to know that Maya was just using him and starts blackmailing her in reverse. As a part of revenge, he's kidnaps Maya and while Arjun rescues her, Maya kills Samay. After this incident Maya gets admitted in Mental hospital and takes a word from Arjun that not to meet her until she is fine. After 6 Months imginn download Maya is brought home back for baby shower. Biggest twist comes here was the love seek revenge trap created by Maya, Arjun was charged to sentence death while she was fined Rs 1 Lakh. Somehow Arjun figures out that Maya was still alive and it was all her Trap.

She wants Arjun to be hanged and then she will commit suicide so that they both can reunite in death. This is the reason why she is invisible to everyone. However Arjun escapes from jail with help of Ayaan and Saanjh starts collecting all the evidence against Maya. One more twist that comes now is Samay returns to Maya and gives her 2 options i.e. whether to Join him or to Surrender Arjun? Maya chooses to join with Samay and decides to Kill her...

What happens Next!!! Will Maya kill Saanjh? What happened in Maya's Childhood? How will Arjun react when he comes to the Reality of Maya? Who will Die & Who will Survive? If you want to know answer to all those enthusiastic questions then keep watching Nuvvu Naku Nachavu is a dubbed version of Hindi serial Beyhadh on Gemini TV Live and is all about an insomniac psychopath. The twists and turns in this serial are worth the wait during Mon-Friday.



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