Oracle study: 64 percent, robots, trust more as a supervisor

Alex Alex 21 October 2019
Oracle study: 64 percent, robots, trust more as a supervisor

A new international survey reveals Amazing results: More than half of the respondents are very familiar, therefore, robots are more than your supervisor. The settings of KI, however, differ greatly according to demographic aspects such as age, country of origin and gender.

Oracle and Future Workplace have given the [email protected] Study 2019 in order, and now the results are there. Were surveyed over 8,000 people in 10 countries on the topic of artificial intelligence in the workplace. How trustworthy robots are and what keeps companies from the KI-use?

robot – the leaders of the future?

The respondents had different expectations of the AI in the workplace. Most often, with 46 per cent more leisure time was called. But also other benefits such as faster promotions (17 %) or more content (16 %) promised you. And not only that, but also the trustworthiness of KI was studied. 64 percent of respondents trust a robot more than a Manager. Half had turned already actually seeking advice, to a robot to supervisors, and 25% said "always" or "very often" AI rather than a Manager to interview.

the Survey participants thought apparently also to your future bosses, because 32 % were of the Belief that their human managers to be replaced in the future by robots. The difference, however strong, according to the country of origin: In India, 90% of the respondents was, however, in the USA, 57 % in France, 56 %, and in the United Kingdom 55 %. Also, the age had an impact: Particularly in the younger Generation Z, the assumption was widespread, with 39 percent.

enthusiasm and concerns

38 percent of the Survey participants stated to be of the idea of human-sounding AI is positively surprised or delighted. The enthusiasm for AI was particularly in India (60 %) and China (56 %), while the expression of UK (20 %) and French (8 %) respondents are much less likely to was called. The age also made a difference: Millennials were 31 percent and the most enthusiastic, the least enthusiasm showed Respondents from the Generation of the Baby boomers (14 %). Also, women were less often of KI enthusiastic than men (21 % vs. 30 %).

From the KI-use, the respondents were held after their information mainly from the fact that they prefer human interaction (31 %), as well as security (31 %) and privacy concerns (30 %). To AI more frequently, wanted to 34 percent, a better UI and is 30 percent greater personalization to its own needs. Also, the desire for a manual with 25 percent in the rate.

survey methodology

The Survey was conducted on behalf of Oracle and the research firm Future Workplace by the market research Institute Savanta. Target group staff, managers, executives and employees in the age of 18-74 years in full-time employment. Between the 2. July 9. August 2019 took part 8,370 thousand people in 10 countries and in 6 languages for a small compensation to the Online survey.

further information can be found in the study report, the Oracle is available for Download.


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