Oriental Rug Cleaning Advice: Worst Stains For Your Carpet

Oriental Rug Cleaning Advice: Worst Stains For Your Carpet

Carpets or rugs beautify your home and therefore must be cleaned properly and periodically. Though they aren't easy to handle because of heavy but must be washed from time to time. Within a certain period, they start attracting dust and become dull. To keep them clean, brush your carpet regularly and avoid it coming in contact with the worst substances leaving scary stains. Accidental spills result in permanent stains and unpleasant odors giving a bad appearance and smell. It consequently dulls the colours and shine of the carpet. There's a solution to this problem provided by Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester.

Here's a list of the worst substances that can be spilt accidentally damaging your carpet or rug:

  1. Blood

Blood can be a severe substance that can attack your carpet or rug. It is a permanent stain after it gets dry. It is very hard to remove, so be careful when anyone gets injured or harmed.

  1. Tomato Sauce

Avoid rubbing if tomato sauce gets spilt on the carpet. It is dark red and can not vanish easily. Use a clean towel and blotting. Use a cleanser which is particularly made for cleaning carpets.

  1. Coffee/ Tea

We must be very careful with beverages as their stains are long-lasting. Coffee is dark in colour and hard to remove even with cleansers. We shall need a professional cleaning solution to get rid of coffee stains.

  1. Beer/ Wine

Due to its unpleasant smell, the beer stains are considered the worst. They possess awful odour and give you bad experiences in the living area.

  1. Wax

Wax becomes hard on cooling and sticks to the surface. Therefore, at the time of removing it from the carpet, you can heat the wax with iron to make it melt resulting in easy removal of wax by using the cleaning solution. If you are unable to do it you can always reach out to  Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester.

  1. Nail paint

Nail paints are hard to remove after getting dry. They require steam for comparatively easy removal. The paint sticks to the fibre of the carpet and thus needs an expert cleanser to be removed from the carpet.

  1. Bleach

Bleach is considered the hardest substance to remove. Bleach stains are worse because they quickly attack the area and leave permanent stains. Even professional products fail to work on bleach stains. So always be careful when bleaching and keep far far away from it.


Stains are common and can happen anytime and anywhere. Carpets need to be taken proper care and kept clean. You cannot prevent accidental spills over your carpet or rug. Substances like blood, beer, coffee, sauce, wax, bleach, nail paint, etc can leave worse and more permanent stains. Therefore, you should keep a perfect cleanser for your carpet or just contact Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester.

To get rid of these scary stains, contact Oriental Rug Cleaning in Westchester, New York. We add beauty to your home, and our exclusive online special offer is available here. 10% off on your order. Call 9147371150 today!

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