Pamper Your Loved Ones with Spa Gift Sets

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Let your loved ones feel pampered with spa gift set! You don't even have to wait for a special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays and Christmases to give the joys of spa gifts since making someone feel special knows no time. The gift can even be as simple as a cooling foot wash with a single ribbon to make your recipient feel pampered and loved.


The following ideas make for great spa gift baskets that men and women will love in equal measure. Once the bath and body products are used, their appreciation for your gifts will definitely double.


Rapture with Raspberry


Spa gift sets filled with raspberry-inspired bath and body products are one of the best ways to spoil your loved ones. Raspberry smells of warm summers and cool springs when nature is at its best and life is good, not to mention that its vibrant red color speaks of life itself. Your gift recipients will remember your thoughtfulness each time raspberry smells are in the air.


The rapturous raspberry spa gifts would include a cooling foot wash, a soothing foot lotion, hot and cold eye masks, bath gel, foaming bubble bath and body lotion. It will not be a complete spa gift set without the wooden accessories like the back massager, path and pedicure brush, and pedicure groomer plus the bath slippers and pillow. If you are going to pamper people with spa gift sets, you might as well go all out.


Gift of Tranquillity


Modern life is filled with so many stressors that a trip to the spa is a must. But it can cost wads of money, which means it's a luxury that most people can do without in their already tight budgets. Well, you can be the angel bearing luxury bath gift set for your stressed-out family and friends sans the costs of actually bringing them to the spa facility.


To help your gift recipients drive away the stress in their minds and bodies, your spa set will include products that encourage tranquility. These products can include floating rose candles and assorted aromatherapy potpourri to soothe the mind as well as moisturizing bath salts, bath and body gel and body lotion to drive away the physical stress. You can even offer a massage treatment while your recipient enjoys the deliciousness of cream truffles included in the spa gift sets.


Lavender Love


Lavender is one of the most popular herbs for relaxation, rejuvenation and recharging of the mind and body. It makes for a great motif in a spa present with the intention of healing the person in many ways. When the products are placed inside a tote bag instead of the usual gift basket, your recipient has handy way of bringing your gifts anywhere.


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