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PEG Film 
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PEG Film 

One of the nation's top retailers and manufacturers of PET film is Ganapathy Industries, which is well known for this. Our breadth of knowledge and experience is in the production of clear, translucent, and flexible polyethylene terephthalate films. The packaging, electrical, and industrial industries all use these strong, lightweight films. PET polymer, a linear, thermoplastic polyester resin, of the highest quality, is used for the manufacture of such products. 
Although relatively more expensive than other plastic films, polyethylene terephthalate films feature a number of unique properties that are essential for certain end uses. PET film has natural properties such as high tensile strength, tear resistance, elongation, durability, and heat resistance.

To fulfil the various needs of end customers, we provide PET films in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and qualities. The physical qualities of the goods can be altered in a variety of ways by using various PET films manufacture. This may be done during production, during the polymerization of the PET resin, or by adding chemicals like colourants or slip modifiers.

Both bubble extrusion and biaxial orientation are options for these films. Its heating, traction, and gas obstacle properties are improved when oriented biaxially, which also increases its crystallinity. Application of food, printing sheets, and electrical insulation are all made possible by this excellent substitute. Terephthalate films are also used to make films that kill germs, films that can be printed on, films that insulate, films for packaging, films for safety, films that protect surfaces, and other types of films.

Good Practice

We always use the term "quality products" in the same way because we have a strong quality culture, follow strict quality procedures, and have quality labs with the latest checking and checking technology.

Special PET films are available from Ganapathy Industries, including twist films, high-matte films, high-barrier metalized films, and films with a high coefficient of friction (COF) (as an aluminium foil replacement). When it comes to a wide range of packaging, clothing, industrial laminating, and food PET uses, these products perform at the highest level. 

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