Personal loan Calculator: What are the fees for Personal Loans?

Personal loan Calculator: What are the fees for Personal Loans?
2 min read Personal Loan Calculator is the right calculator to calculate the total monthly mortgage or auto loan payment. It considers the interest and other contributing factors included in a loan.

Apart from the principal amount, interest, and additional cost of a given loan. Some fees are included for personal loans that must be considered before applying.

Origination Fee 

It is also called the application fee. It covers all the processing fees associated with the application. It is upto 1-5%/of the total loan amount. Most lenders may ask for these fees upfront but also deduct them after the approval of a personal loan. For example: Suppose $10,000 is borrowed with a 3 per cent combination or application fee. However, the repayment is complete at $10,000.

Prepayment Fee 

It is only possible when a borrower pays off their fee, even if the repayment is made ahead of schedule. Personal loans, along with prepayment fees, are common.

Late Payment Fee 

Lenders can charge a penalty if there is a delay in the monthly payment, although this fee is avoidable. For that, make sure to pay all dues on time. Some personal loans also come with extended deadlines to support the borrower. The fee is completely flat or can be assessed as a percentage of the monthly payment. It is completely dependent on the lender.

Sometimes lenders ask borrowers to purchase personal loan insurance policies. These are death, unemployment, or other policies. The law may not require these policies, but some people can still consider them.

However, to avoid huge penalties and monthly payments. The other alternative can be 

  1. Borrowing money from friends or family. Since mostly they won't charge interest or relatively low rates.
  2. Someone from the family can help by cosigning a personal loan. This person must have a good credit score. The risk is on the cosigner's side.
  3. Apply for low-interest rate loans or low introductory credit cards.
  4. Non-profit or religious organisations in the community can be lifesaving for people struggling financially.


Personal loan Calculator can compute the principal, interest and additional fees of any personal loan like a mortgage and auto loan.

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