Plane 2023: It's not just about the disaster on the plane

Plane 2023: It's not just about the disaster on the plane
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16 February

For those of you who like to watch action-type films, you are probably already familiar with the form of Gerard Butler. Yup, the actor who starred in the film 300 (2006) is indeed famous as an actor who specializes in the action genre. So, in early 2023, Gerard Butler's newest action film, Plane.

Synopsis Plane tells the story of Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler), a commercial airline pilot who flies with 14 ordinary passengers and one convict. The problem came when the plane encountered problems due to unfavorable weather, so it had to make an emergency landing. However, in fact they landed on an island containing separatist groups opposed to the Philippine government.

So, before you Watch the film Plane 2023 here, first follow the discussion below!

It's not just about the disaster on the plane

If you just look at the title, you might think that Plane is a film that focuses on the conflicts that occur on board planes. This is certainly similar to films like Snakes on a Plane (2006) or the very recent Emergency Declaration (2022). However, in reality, Plane is not just a film about a disaster on a plane.

Indeed, this film never shows the conflicts that occur when the plane is in the air. However, these moments only occur in the early and late parts of the film. The rest, the conflict in this film takes place on an island where these personalities are stranded.

This film also displays the responsibility and leadership spirit of a pilot towards the fate of his passengers with a solid and clear narrative. This is what makes Plane feel quite unique compared to the majority of films about other planes. However, the title of this film is far more suitable to be The Pilot because the conflicts surrounding the plane are very few.

Supporting personalities that are less explored to the fullest

The main characters in this film are Brodie Torrance as the pilot, and Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter) who is a homicide convict who boarded the plane. After their plane is stranded, the two must work together to find a way out so they can evacuate the other passengers from the island.

This film is also very focused on the adventures of Brodie Torrance and Louis Gaspare as the main character. Well, actually this is not entirely wrong. However, this makes some of the other characters in the film really just as supporters without making a significant contribution to the storyline.

Meanwhile, there are a number of supporting characters who have the ability to become supporting personalities which is quite significant if the characters are more explored. One of them is Dele (Yoson An), the co-pilot of Torrance's plane whose background is discussed early in the film, but after that it has nothing to do with the film's conflict.

Satisfying action moments

It doesn't seem surprising that Gerard Butler's film presents satisfying action moments. Because, as discussed in the opening section, Butler is indeed an actor who specializes in the action genre. However, specifically for this film, satisfying action moments don't always come from Gerard Butler's character.

This is because the form of Brodie Torrance that Butler plays is a pilot without a military background, so he is not good at fighting or using weapons. Well, there are still moments of satisfying action, though, from Butler's character, but those things happen when he's piloting a plane.

Meanwhile, the shooting action that was satisfying even came from Mike Colter who served as a convict with a military background. The moment every time he kills a separatist member in this film is sure to make you feel satisfied and not infrequently the applause is so cool.


Broadly speaking, Plane is an action film about the world of aviation that manages to share tension and satisfaction while watching it. If you are interested, you can watch this film on Mari.

So, what do you think about this film?

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