Planning a Virtual Event? Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform

Planning a Virtual Event? Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform

Just two years ago, companies needed to be persuaded to host their events on online platforms. We are currently discussing 3-D technology in the events sector. Isn't this odd and fantastic all at once? Additionally, it shows how quickly the events sector is evolving and that event planners need to be ready to adapt and improve their events.

The benefits and restrictions of virtual event platforms are well known to us. The major benefits are low cost, global access, and independence from location and travel, while the biggest drawbacks are the absence of face-to-face interaction and organic participant engagement.

These restrictions are largely eliminated by the usage of 3-D technology. There is no room for distraction in well-designed 3-D venues since the 3-D devices arrest the participants' senses.

Though 3-D technology is still in its infancy, its potential is enormous. We at ibentos have begun exploring the Metaverse as a result of sensing this.

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Let us explore the benefits of using 3-D technology in the event industry and the ways to utilize it for business growth.

Everything that a 2D Virtual Event Platform has and more

All the benefits of a virtual platform are integrated into 3D platforms, including increased attendance, simple planning and execution, low cost, higher ROI, networking opportunities, flexible data transfer, an expanded operational area, time efficiency, compatibility with AI, and performance measurement and analytic tools, among others. Along with the usual amenities like the Sponsor's Lobby, Interaction Rooms, Seminar Halls, Networking Lounges, Breakout Rooms, Entertainment Zones, and much more.

Venues for 3-D Events provide these elements together with a boost of real experience. The participants can look around the event locations based on their choices. They can interact with the other players' virtual avatars.

Successful Capturing of Attendees' Senses by 3-D Technology

In contrast to virtual events, which require particular design thought to keep attendance interested, physical events are engaging by nature. Have you ever pondered the reasons behind it? The participants at a physical event engage their bodies, minds, and senses. Attendees on virtual platforms are only partially engaged, which results in a lack of engrossment.

However, by utilizing 3-D technology (such as a 3-D virtual world and VR devices), the organizers are able to successfully engage all of the guests' senses, and there is no danger of distraction.

Freedom From the Fatigue of Virtual Screens

Attendees run the risk of experiencing virtual screen fatigue from prolonged exposure to traditional virtual platforms. Platforms for 3-D technology are created to be immersive and work with AR & VR tools. The moment participants put on their gadgets, they completely lose awareness of their surroundings. All that they are able to experience is the event's virtual location. Even if they are not physically taking part in the event, their thoughts and senses are completely immersed in it. There is no potential for monotony, boredom, or virtual screen weariness.

Participation in Real-Time

Conventional Virtual Platforms frequently feature replays of recorded designs that replicate event venues in their virtually generated environs. However, 3-D virtual worlds allow users to interact in real time with one another through digital avatars. The experience of moving around in 3D-virtual places in real time is very different from watching a video that gives you that impression.

Virtual Socializing & Networking

Enabling 3D virtual platforms for networking and socializing, offer great networking opportunities. Typically, the transition to audio-visual calling occurs through talking. Instead of texting, picture having a business conversation with your clients while sitting down at a table at a coffee shop inside a virtual setting. This is the ideal substitute for in-person communication, don't you think? You may make computer avatars that closely resemble real people with a few simple inputs.

Higher Virtual Participation in Hybrid Events

The organizers of hybrid events are able to easily bring their virtual audiences to the event location by utilizing 3-D technology. Through virtual AR & VR devices, as well as 3D live images obtained from cameras mounted on the venues, faraway audiences have a fantastic alternative to view & experience the Live event. The experience of virtual guests can be multiplied by the organizers.

Now that you know how 3-D technology-integrated events can elevate your virtual and hybrid events, let's move on. It's comparable to upgrading from a black-and-white television set to a colour one or switching from a traditional mobile phone to a smartphone. By making this transfer, you're giving your attendees greater experiences while also giving your company additional options for expansion. We are about to see another revolution in the event industry due to the recent emergence of metaverses. For more than ten years, ibentos has been a significant player in the event technology industry. We have previously established ourselves as specialists in 2D and 3D virtual platforms. And now our metaverse range is set to capture the market. Please visit for more information on the subject and to book a FREE Demo!

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