Planning For Dental Implants In Bryn Mawr? Here’s How To Prepare For It

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14 November 2023

You might be considering dental implants to replace missing teeth or improve your smile. Undoubtedly, dental implants are a long-lasting solution to restore both the aesthetics and function of your teeth. You will not take much time to prepare for the procedure, you can start right away. Here is how you can do it. 

Consultation with an implantologist 
The first step in getting dental implants is scheduling a consultation with an implantologist. During your first visit to the clinic, your team will: 
Evaluate your oral health: The specialist will examine if you have any existing dental health problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease or infections. 

Check your medical history: Before starting the treatment, the implant expert will assess your medical history. He or she will try to find out everything to ensure that you are suitable candidate for dental implants. Some health conditions, such as diabetes or cardiac problems can affect the success of the procedure. 

Discuss the plan of action: Based on the evaluation, the care team will create a tailor-made plan meant to resolve your dental issues. The plan shall outline the number of implants required and the timeline of treatment. 

Addressing pre-existing dental issues 
Before your dental expert finalize your implant surgery, he or she will try to resolve any pre-existing dental issues to ensure a healthy environment for the new implants. It will involve: 

Treatment for the gum disease: To treat gum diseases, periodontal treatment shall be necessary. Going for an early treatment will prevent complications during the implant procedure. 

Tooth Extractions: If you have damaged tooth, it needs to be removed before taking up the implants. Meet your dentist who will perform extractions to prepare your mouth for the implant surgery. 

Dental assessment for implants 
Dental implants should be placed well on your gums and to ensure a better placement of implants, your implantologist will take x-rays of your teeth and gums. There are various other imaging methods to take impressions of the teeth and gums. These methods offer detailed views of your jawbone and allow your care team to plan the perfect positioning of implants. 

Once this is sorted, the team will assess your bone density. Dental implants should rely on a stable and strong foundation. It means that your jawbone should have sufficient density to support the implant posts. In the cases where bone density is lacking, your dentist shall recommend bone grafting to build up a strong structure for the implants. 

As every piece of information is available with your dental expert, he will sit with you and discuss the plan of action. It will include what type of dental implants in Bryn Mawr are good for you and how long the process will take. 

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