Plastic surgeries in the medical center

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Al Tababah Center for Medical Specialties is a distinguished destination in the Kingdom that includes an elite group of the best and most skilled cosmetic experts, as the doctors have extensive experience of more than twenty years in the field of cosmetics. The center offers a variety of cosmetic services that meet clients' needs and help them achieve the look they desire.

Cosmetic services at the center include advanced plastic surgeries aimed at improving the appearance of the body and face. This includes liposuction and body sculpting to achieve perfect balance and reduce the accumulation of unwanted fat. Tummy tuck and sagging services are also provided to restore the shape and vitality of the abdomen. Breast augmentation and reduction surgeries are performed to obtain the desired breast shape and size. In addition, ear plastic surgery and rhinoplasty services are provided to improve their appearance and symmetry with the face. Gynecomastia removal procedures are also performed for men to treat unwanted cases of gynecomastia.

The center also offers self-fat injection services to obtain natural and tangible results, and the use of Botox and fillers to treat wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin and hair. Skin and hair care sessions are also provided to improve their quality and rejuvenate them.

In addition to plastic surgery, the center provides reconstructive and repair surgeries to treat congenital defects of the face and hand, and hand and tendon surgeries to treat injuries and medical conditions. Peripheral nerve surgeries are also performed to treat deformities and injuries that affect nerve function. Burn cases are followed up and post-burn deformities are repaired, in addition to removing scars and traces of previous operations to improve the appearance of the skin.

The Medical Center for Medical Specialties is distinguished by providing cosmetic services at the hands of highly experienced and competent experts in their field. The procedures are performed with professionalism and high precision, using the latest technologies and advanced medical tools. Services are provided with a comprehensive approach that takes into account the needs and desires of each patient, with an emphasis تجميل الوجه on natural and personalized aesthetic results.

In addition, the center works to provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients, where integrated care is provided before, during and after cosmetic procedures. Patients are provided with detailed and personalized consultations to understand their expectations and answer their questions, and the necessary support is provided during the recovery period.

In short, Al-Tababah Center for Medical Specialties is considered a distinguished destination for cosmetic experts in the Kingdom, as it provides various and specialized services in plastic surgery and reconstructive and repair surgeries. It includes doctors with extensive experience for more than 20 years and they work hard and professionally to achieve the best cosmetic results for patients.

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