Play Slashy - A Fun Puzzle Game to Relax and Unwind

Play Slashy - A Fun Puzzle Game to Relax and Unwind
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Everyone has always found playing games to be enjoyable. Whether you are young or elderly, everyone enjoys playing a fun game every now and then. You may be considering all the various enjoyable pursuits you could engage in right now, but trust me when I say that nothing compares to playing a game with your friends, family, or even by yourself.

You may download and play a tonne of casual games to unwind and clear your mind. The difficulty is the indecision you will face while deciding the potential games for your list? There may be many excellent casual games, but Slashy is one of the greatest, in my opinion.

This comprehensive game by Camel Motion Inc. deserves a particular position on your collection of games. It is a puzzle game that is accessible to almost everyone and can amuse and challenge you intellectually. You just have to burst the discs that pops up on your screen.

Let us explore the fun game, Slashy. 

Play Slashy - A Fun Puzzle Game to Relax and Unwind

  • The Fun of Moving Discs

Slashy is constantly prepared to improve your gaming experience. We discussed the need to burst the discs, am I correct? But these discs are not your typical ones. They do in fact move. That's accurate. The discs appear to be revolving around the screen and on their own axis. 

This makes the game much more thrilling and exciting and makes it difficult for you to win. It's interesting to note that the speed of the discs increases as you advance through each level. They increase in direct proportion to the game's level progression. Keep in mind that they rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

  • The Challenging Levels of Slashy

Difficulties in this game raise the stakes for you, just like challenges in real life keep things interesting. The games' increasing difficulty is where the excitement and thrill are. You will undoubtedly find it captivating, thanks to its more than 300 levels.

You will have three discs at level 1 in the beginning. At every odd level, the number of these discs appears to rise by 1. This indicates that you will receive 4 discs altogether when you achieve level 3. You will therefore have 3 and 4 discs, respectively, at levels 2 and 3. 

This procedure is repeated until level 11, which has 8 discs. As of level 13, there will only be three discs available. This continues all the way through the game.

  • Lots and Lots of Attractive Props

A game is appealing overall if it has enjoyable and thrilling elements. The basis for how this game operates is similar. You will see a large range of props that you can utilize whenever you need to in the game. 

There are numerous themes available for these props. A vinyl record, a football, a clock, an orange, a kiwi fruit, a button, a pizza slice, a compact disc, a crystal ball, and other objects are among them. However, after reaching level 12, you can access and unlock these props. In order to win the game, just employ them.

  • A limit on the Move Sets and Timer

There are only a limited number of moves in Slashy. Since there are only a certain quantity of each move set, you must use them all. This simply serves to up the ante for you and increases the level of excitement. 

If you don't complete all the desired moves inside the numbered move-sets, the game is ended. Once you reach level 49, a timer takes the place of the move-sets. After the 49th level, the move-sets are once more introduced in its place.

  • The Eye-Catching Themes of Slashy

A crucial component of a successful game is its visual appeal. All it does is describe and pronounce your overall game experience. Slashy creates 3 of these lovely themes or backdrops for you.

Night Theme: When activated, this option displays a background of stars with a faint hint of purple in the sky. It truly calms the eyes.

Nature Theme: All people who love nature will appreciate the nature background. It is cool and has a lovely mountain and sparkling river close by. It is a true delight for the eyes.

Default Theme: The sky blue background of this elegant and understated theme isn't too flashy. This one's for you if you prefer a simple soothing design.


All in all, Slashy is a wonderfully entertaining casual game for everyone, thanks to the characteristics listed above. You can play it either by yourself or with your buddies. Just play this amazing game whenever you want to relaxy or want to take it easy or feel bored. Play it after downloading it for free from the App Store.


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