Prehistoric immortality

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17 August 2022

Is this an act of God? Several sages joined hands to block, even if the holy teacher came in person, it is difficult to really interrupt the Milky Way, the Milky Way is not broken, Donglu will never have a chance of prosperity, waiting for the end of the battle between the big merchants and Xiqi in the future, the winning side with a thunderous momentum, will be able to sweep Donglu directly, establish hegemony, then I am the sinner of the Jiang family, let the Jiang family beyond redemption. However, even if the ancestor emperor reappears, it is impossible to directly break the Milky Way! The will of the sage is the will of heaven and earth! Dongbo Hou Jiang Huan Chu looked embarrassed, deep in his heart is a deep feeling of helplessness, let his wisdom to heaven, also can not reverse the situation at this time. It seems that the mystery of this reversal lies in the game of saints. The birth of the emperor in the past inevitably mixed with many saints. Now it seems that the final result of this struggle still depends on the struggle of saints! East Bo Hou Jiang Huan Chu figure gradually disappeared, a sigh, from his mouth, deep helplessness, let people sigh, originally he wanted to rely on his own strength to sweep the fairy world, but now it seems that it is just an empty dream! The land of the East China Sea, the shore of Sanxian Island, is full of haze and dense pines and cypresses. Clouds curl up in the haze, the door is full of auspicious trees, the pine and cypress are dense and green; the bridge steps on the withered trees, and the peak surrounds the pineapple. The bird comes to the cloud gully with red pistils in its mouth, and the deer touches the stone moss on the fragrant bushes; when the door is open,Horse weight lbs, the flowers are forced to grow, and the wind sends floating fragrance. There are yellow orioles in the green willows near the dike, and white butterflies in the peach blossoms near the bank. It is indeed a beautiful scene in a cave, but it is better than a garden in a tent. This is the place where the three disciples of the Blissful Holy Religion practice. The Empress of Sanxiao is almost invincible in this sea area. Each of them holds the treasure in her hand and sweeps all the heavens. The Empress of Sanxiao joins hands, and there are few rivals. Even if she is the supreme monarch, she has to drink hatred on the spot and stand free. This day, a towering vast breath, across heaven and earth, covering the sky, the starry sky, the island of God,Walking measuring wheel, the sea, like a supreme existence came to this side of the sea, as soon as it appeared, it overwhelmed heaven and earth, overbearing, overbearing, people can not help but have the idea of submission. Purple light across the starry sky, Sanxian Island, Sanxiao Niangniang is concentrating on spiritual practice, understanding the way of heaven, suddenly, all opened their eyes, looking into the air. Master, it's Master's breath! Empress Qiongxiao wears a fiery red robe, gorgeous and noble, full of ancient style, showing a free and easy atmosphere between her eyebrows. Yes, elder sister, it is the master's breath, Walking tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, the master actually dropped a Fen Shen, came to Sanxian Island, it seems that something important must have happened, we go out together to see! Bixiao Fairy, dressed in a green robe, wrapped her graceful body and looked into the air with a look of longing and respect. Three rays of light pierced the sky and appeared in the sky of Sanxian Island in an instant. Yunxiao (Bixiao, Qiongxiao), see Master. May Master live a long life and enjoy bliss forever! The three fairies knelt down together in the clouds and said respectfully. A flash of purple light gently lifted all the three fairies up, and a soft voice came from the purple figure in the air. You don't have to be polite, but this time you come here, there is something important. The world of immortals is a tripartite confrontation, and the struggle is constant. Today, the sage of the family, the sage of the Demon Sect, and the sage of Qiankun have joined hands to refine the Milky Way, cutting off the way forward for Donglu. You can go down the mountain and kill all the young people who are separated. There is no need to show mercy and assist Donglu to achieve hegemony! "Observe the laws of the Master!" Sanxiao Empress did not show the slightest hesitation and said in a loud voice. There may be some hardships on this trip, but it's still a smooth road after all. At the critical moment, maybe the teacher will also make a move. Yunxiao, your elder martial sister has been in seclusion for many days. She understands the way of heaven and earth and impacts the realm of the supreme sage. You will go to Donglu on behalf of the teacher first. The teacher will give you the purple bamboo stick to use to suppress the heavens. If there is a sage, the teacher will naturally feel it! Purple light, instantly turned into a bamboo stick, floating in the air, the sage's breath came from above, a rune, like an illusory world, enveloped in all directions, this is the purple bamboo sage's Taoist instrument, with incredible power, comparable to the innate treasure, and even some wonderful uses above the innate treasure. Looking at the purple bamboo stick suspended in the air, Sanxiao Fairy knelt down at the same time and made a respectful gift. The purple bamboo stick turned into a streamer of light and sank into the body of Yunxiao Empress. The light was restrained and could no longer be seen as a deterrent. This is the sage instrument, with eternal power, just like the sage appeared, suppressed heaven and earth, between the hands, destroyed the heaven, even the supreme monarch, will be killed in an instant, both form and spirit are destroyed. Elder sister, it seems that this robbery must be different. Master actually gave the purple bamboo staff. This is an unprecedented big thing. Presumably, at the last moment, it will also be a confrontation between saints. For many years, saints have rarely made a move. All living beings in heaven and earth may have forgotten the majesty of saints. The majesty of saints is inviolable! Fairy Qiongxiao flutters in her fiery red dress, two divine lights twinkle, and some murmur to herself, since she was born and worshipped under the door of the sage of purple bamboo, she has rarely seen her mysterious master, and now even she has stepped into the realm of the supreme monarch, and the first of the three clouds is only half a step away from the realm of the strong. Terrible and unusual, if you hold the sage's instrument, even if the strongest comes, you have to retreat. Yes, elder sister, Master has rarely made a move for billions of years, but now she has been alarmed. It can be seen that this matter is also very important. We should let the strong people in the prehistoric world know the majesty of our blissful holy religion with all our strength. Even the younger generation dares to violate our holy religion! The eyes of the Bixiao Fairy reveal a murderous spirit. Over the years, the disciples of the Blissful Holy Church seldom walk in the world of flood and famine, appearing between heaven and earth, so that the majesty of the Blissful Holy Church gradually weakens, and even only some ancient beings know the majesty of this overbearing Holy Church. The generation of mole ants, several times violated our holy religion, this time since the hand, will kill them one by one,fish measuring tape, should also let them know what people they can never provoke the existence! The huge mind traversed the thirty-three days, instantly defeating some of the prying minds around it, and a miserable cry came from different places.

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