Propose Your Lady Love With A Beautiful Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring!

Propose Your Lady Love With A Beautiful Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring!

Have you finally decided to propose to your lady love? Are you wondering what kind of precious engagement ring you should choose? Worry no more!! You have landed at the right place!! To make the moment of getting engaged with your partner more memorable and special, it is essential to choose the right gemstone which matches your partner’s personality. Among the wide range of rings available at jewelry stores, oval moissanite engagement rings are gaining much popularity these days. This diamond-like gemstone possesses numerous properties, making it extraordinarily different from diamonds or other precious jewels. Before discussing any further about mosaanites,  let us understand the origin and the things to be considered before investing in them. 

What is moissanite?  

Moissanite is a gemstone composed of silicon carbide(an extremely rare, naturally-occurring mineral). It was originally discovered in the crater left behind by a fallen meteor. On the other hand, diamonds are made up of carbon. The naturally occurring moissanite is exceptionally rare, which is why the moissanite sold today is produced by laboratories. The shine and luster of the moissanite and diamond are so similar that individuals can not figure out the difference between both.

What are the considerations while buying moissanite engagement rings?

Before buying a moissanite engagement ring, here are a few considerations to be kept in mind:

  • Quality: The quality of the moissanite engagement rings vary depending upon the grades of moissanite. To invest in the best quality, it is advisable to purchase a colorless moissanite stone. In addition, go for very slightly used moissanite gems to achieve the most fire and brilliance.

  • Carats: Considering that moissanite weighs ways lesser than diamonds, carat weight can be confusing for individuals who are familiar with diamond carat weight. This is why the moissanite is usually described using “diamond equivalent weight” to understand better.

What are the benefits of investing in moissanite engagement rings?

One of the most prominent features of moissanite jewelry is the durability of the ring. After diamond, the lab-created moissanite which is considered one of the hardest substances in nature. These are highly durable jewelry that can be worn in everyday life without ruining their luster or shine. Furthermore, the brilliance of this gemstone is another appealing feature that makes that radiant and eye-catching piece of jewelry. The artisans create the most intricate patterns in the stone that allow them to have more rainbow-like colors. Ranging from round moissanite rings to oval ones, there are a plethora of designs and size options available in the market to choose from. 

How to take care of your moissanite jewelry?

Similar to taking care of any other gemstone, you can bring your moissanite jewelry to any professional jeweler to keep your ring looking its best. They will clean the jewelry and remove any buildup underneath the setting. However, if you wish to clean it at home, use a gentle, chemical-free cleanser with warm water to make your moissanite jewelry look like new.  It is advisable to invest in the moissanite rings that are not bulging out as they may get stuck in your clothes or elsewhere while using them everyday. 



Investing the moissanite in Canada is a great alternative to highly expensive diamonds. The wearer does not have to sacrifice the color, clarity, or size of the gemstone due to an astronomical price tag. These high precious lab-created gemstones hold a fantastic quality and make the wearer elegant and classy. 

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