Reasons to Avoid High Cholesterol Food to Stay Healthy

Reasons to Avoid High Cholesterol Food to Stay Healthy
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19 December 2022

High cholesterol has become a common issue nowadays. Most people don't even know that they have high cholesterol until they visit the doctor. This is because the condition does not show any real symptoms. To understand this condition, you have to understand the term “cholesterol”. It is a type of lipid that your liver produces naturally. Cholesterol is necessary to form the cell membrane, vitamin D, and certain hormones. This lipid doesn’t dissolve in water and can’t travel through the blood on its own. The liver produces lipoproteins to transport cholesterol. This lipoprotein is made from fat and protein. The lipoprotein carries cholesterol and triglycerides through the bloodstream. There are two types of lipoprotein: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL).  

Low-density cholesterol is carried by low-density lipoprotein. When the blood carries too much LDL cholesterol then the person may be diagnosed with high cholesterol. This high cholesterol can cause various health issues. 

Complications due to high cholesterol

A person can face certain complications due to high cholesterol. The cholesterol deposits in the wall or arteries and reduces blood flow through the arteries which can cause various complications like:

Chest pain

When the LDL level is increased, arteries face problems in supplying blood to the heart. Due to this people face chest pain (angina) often.

Heart attack

Plaque buildup in coronary arteries causes chest pain. This can be an alarming condition for heart attack. When a piece breaks off and blocks blood flow to the heart it can cause an attack. 


A person can face a stroke when the plaque breaks off and blocks blood flow to the brain. 


Cholesterol is necessary for bile production. But when the person has too much cholesterol in the bile, it starts converting into crystals and then to hard stones in the gallbladder.

Symptoms of high cholesterol 

Usually, high cholesterol is a kind of silent condition. You barely find any kind of symptoms due to high cholesterol. Most people didn’t realize this disease until they got some serious complications like stroke. To prevent any kind of complications, a person should regularly check his cholesterol level after the age of 20. 

Common causes behind high cholesterol 

  1. An increase in LDL (bad cholesterol) can cause high cholesterol problems LDL carries cholesterol particles throughout the body. This cholesterol builds up in the artery walls and makes them narrow. 
  2. An increase in triglyceride (a type of fat in the blood) can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Certain factors like obesity, inactivity, and poor diet can increase harmful cholesterol levels in the body. 
  4. Genetics can also play a role in high cholesterol issues. 
  5. Conditions like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, lupus, hypothyroidism, HIV/AIDS, etc can increase unhealthy cholesterol levels. 
  6. High cholesterol issues may get worse when the person is taking medicines for cancer, acne, irregular heart rhythms, organ transplants, etc.

Risk factors for high cholesterol

Poor diet

Your diet affects your cholesterol level a lot. LDL levels can increase when a person is eating too much-saturated fat. It is found in fatty cuts of meat and full-fat dairy products. Trans fat can also be found in packaged snacks.


Obese person often faces high cholesterol issues. People with more than 30 BMI are at risk of this problem.

Less body movement 

More body movement like exercises, running, or any sports can help in increasing good cholesterol. But when the person is lazy or doesn't move enough then he can face high LDL issues.


Alcohol abuse can increase the total cholesterol level of the body.

Ways to improve cholesterol level

Eat healthy food items

You should make changes to your diet. Reduce intake of saturated fats. Eliminate all types of trans fats from the diet. Trans fat is usually found in baked items like cookies and cakes. Start eating omega-3 fatty acids-rich food items. Add salmon, herring, flaxseeds, walnuts, etc to your diet. You should add soluble fiber and whey protein to your diet.

Try homeopathy

Dynamic medications like homeopathy are very helpful in treating high cholesterol conditions. Talk to the homeopath and get the best homeopathic cholesterol lowering remedies. Your homeopath will provide the remedies depending on your cholesterol level, diet, and daily routine. These remedies are fully safe and you can use them for a long time without facing any kind of side effects.

Increase your body movement

Regular exercise helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. Good exercise increases HDL cholesterol. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. If you can’t exercise then find other ways to increase body movement like riding a bicycle to work, a small walk during lunch, or playing any sport. 

Lose weight

Obesity is one of the common risk factors for high cholesterol levels. If you are carrying extra weight in your body then try losing it. Increase body activity, eat good food, and drink a good amount of water.

Limit your alcohol consumption

Taking a moderate amount of alcohol can increase HDL cholesterol. But the merit is not too good to recommend to a non-drinker. If you drink a lot then you should limit it. Too much alcohol can cause other health issues like high BP, heart failure, etc. You should also quit smoking to improve your HDL cholesterol level.

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