Reasons why Amethyst Jewelry is Popular These Days

Reasons why Amethyst Jewelry is Popular These Days
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Amethyst is amongst the most appealing stones in the quartz family due to its purple colour. Amethyst is a durable stone that is ranked seven on the mohs hardness scale. The durability of amethyst helps it to be suitable as all types of Amethyst Jewelry including the fashionable Amethyst Ring, lovely Amethyst Earrings, graceful Amethyst Bracelets and Amethyst Necklaces while all of these pair well with the 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Amethyst that is naturally created and of good quality can be found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, as well as in huge quantities in Namibia and America. South America holds the largest hoard of this gem. A few other elements, like the amethyst's size and rich colour, affect its price. The symbolic stone for each anniversary is tied to a certain type of gemstone. Considering its magnificence and importance. The stone for the sixth year of a marriage anniversary is amethyst. With its captivating energy and strong powers, the stunning gemstone enhances the lives of couples. The history of amethyst dates back roughly 2000 years. Due to the beauty that amethyst has within, it has been a desirable stone for a very long time. You might present a priceless anniversary gift in the form of a stunning piece of Gemstone Jewelry.

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