Recent Innovations To Extend Utility Energy Service

Recent Innovations To Extend Utility Energy Service
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Utilities in global markets are under more pressure than ever to draw in and keep customers, which motivates them to think about new technologies to expand their supply of energy services. To satisfy the needs of today's highly sophisticated, digital-first customers, utility technology that helps expand service offerings from selling pure kWh to delivering digital energy services is crucial. More and more utility consumers are requesting devices that may give them more flexibility, visibility, and control over their energy usage. The largest corporations in the world have committed to emission reduction goals and are ready to change to meet new standards and expectations.

Real-time energy analytics

More and more utility company customers are committed to managing their energy consumption trends in real-time. For this reason, facility managers and owners of commercial buildings install energy monitors. Identifying consumption peaks or predicting upcoming fuel needs can close the building energy performance gap. Energy Efficient Home San Diego are extremely popular with industrial facilities and manufacturers. Also, they can track the performance of heating and cooling systems and inform users when something is wrong, prevent mistakes, or indicate when a repair is needed.

Virtual audits

Utilities are still investigating new ideas based on load disaggregation and behavior modification programs that apply gamification techniques. By identifying waste areas, peak loads, and issues with building automation, virtual audits can also help you find energy-saving solutions. Virtual audits can increase engagement by making it easier for utility customers to understand two key cost-reduction factors: energy use patterns and behavior and the potential for energy savings via retrofits or upgrades to more energy-efficient equipment.


The decentralized energy system's backbone, blockchain, support the energy transition, allowing utilities and consumers to produce and sell electricity. For this reason, utilities must be prepared for a future where blockchain technology is widely used, and peer-to-peer wholesale trade, flexibility trading on regional grids, and synchronized grid management operations between TSOs, DSOs, and end users are the norm.

Parting words

Utilities are responsible for figuring out how to incorporate these new energy services into their business models and customize them for each consumer segment. A Home Energy Assessment is the best way to improve the home's energy efficiency.

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