Recommendations For E-Cigarette Beginners

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Recommendations For E-Cigarette Beginners

Smokers who are considering switching to electronic cigarettes and giving up smoking are often faced with the same questions:

  1. Which e-cigarette is best for me as a beginner and
  2. Which tobacco nicotine liquid will help me to stop smoking?
  3. Does it really work and how much will it all cost?

Simbavapes gives you the most important and helpful answers to your questions here. You should only ask yourself one thing in advance: Do I really want to switch or do I just want it because other people say so? Because unless you really want it, it becomes difficult and you could end up smoking and using both forms of nicotine intake.

Would you like to quit smoking with the e-cigarette and use a less harmful alternative? You would not be the first to stop smoking and become a vaper thanks to electronic cigarettes.

Unfortunately, we hear again and again that a smoker buys an e-cigarette that a friend recommended or because it just looks good. Often there is a negative reaction, because, for example, the taste is not good at all, too much vapor is produced or the operation is too complicated.

You should observe the following recommendations in order to be able to stop smoking permanently and successfully with the electronic cigarette:

  1. If you are a beginner, buy a jaw-steamer e-cigarette.
  2. Choose the right nicotine strength in the e-liquid.
  3. Use atomizers with the indication MTL (from 0.8 ohms).
  4. Use proper pulling technique.
  5. Go for it and don't be fooled.
  6. Only use the e-cigarette - not in alternation with the tobacco cigarette.

E-cigarette with nicotine

Correct tank size and battery capacity. Remember that it is not just your nicotine addiction that tempts you to smoke, but also your holding habits. Therefore, electronic cigarettes should always be at hand and be with you everywhere. If you personally do not like the e-cigarette or if it is too big and heavy, you will find it difficult to use it openly and you will not be successful in giving up smoking. You should also make sure that the tank size and battery capacity are sufficient so that you can get through the day well and do not have to recharge or refuel as often.

How big should the tank and battery be?

 The table shows you how big the tank or battery of the e-cigarette should be so that you don't have to refuel or recharge as often. However, these are only guide values, as the values ​​can vary depending on the model and vapor behavior.

It is important that the nicotine strength is right because if the dose is too low, you will be vaping significantly more and more often, so the tank and battery will be empty correspondingly faster.

We definitely recommend that newcomers and beginners buy an e-cigarette in the starter set at the beginning, as this already contains the most important components, and only one nicotine liquid is required. Looking for the best vape products, then visit Elux Legend Mini Wholesale.

Simple starter sets

Unfortunately, the selection of starter sets is also enormously large for us. For this reason, we recommend that you use our online e-cigarette finder. Here you only have to ask a few questions about your smoking behavior and the desired technical equipment. The system will then look for the e-cigarette starter set(s) that are right for you.

The right tobacco liquid

In addition to the e-cigarette, the right tobacco-flavored liquid is essential so that you can keep your hands off the tobacco cigarette and stop smoking permanently. Our neutral tobacco-flavored liquids have already helped numerous smokers to quit smoking completely and only use e-cigarettes. Since tastes are different, it is always advisable to buy a liquid-tasting set at the beginning, so that you can find your tobacco taste in peace.

The right vaporizer for beginners

In addition to the right e-cigarette and a good tobacco liquid, it is also important that evaporator heads (coils) are used in the device that is suitable for smokers. The indication " MTL " stands for "mouth to lung" and is the optimal choice for beginners. Most of these vaporizers have a resistance of 1.0 ohm and more.

MTL E-Cigarettes

When buying a starter set, please pay attention to the content. With some e-cigarettes, you cannot use an MTL atomizer and with others, the set often only contains one MTL coil in addition to two or more DL coils. In this case, we recommend that you also buy a pack of 5 MTL atomizers with 1.0 ohms or more.

 If there are other evaporator heads in the starter set from the manufacturer that has the indication "DL", you should refrain from using them at the beginning. These atomizer heads require direct inhalation into the lungs, which is more than an effort for former smokers. These evaporators also often produce huge amounts of steam, which is many times higher than that of tobacco cigarettes.

Correct nicotine strength in the liquid

Of course, the right amount of nicotine in the liquid should not be neglected. Only with the right dose of nicotine in the e-cigarette will your body be able to cover the nicotine addiction with the electronic cigarette and not demand the tobacco cigarette again. This is the only way you can successfully quit smoking. Simbavapes is providing the best Tito Vape Wholesale in the UK.

The first puffs on the e-cigarette

It is not uncommon for newcomers to puff on an e-cigarette for the first time to feel uncomfortable or the e-cigarette scratches and they have to cough heavily. This is usually because the body is completely unfamiliar with this type of nicotine intake and lacks the usual substances that are inhaled through the combustion of tobacco. The body also lacks the nicotine kick that occurs a little later with e-cigarettes. With tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine is transported through the bloodstream to the brain within a few seconds by certain accelerators, but this takes about 20-30 seconds with electronic cigarettes.

In this case, take a break and draw again in 10-15 minutes. It doesn't take your body too long to adjust to this type of nicotine intake. If you are still unsuccessful after many attempts, either the amount of nicotine is far too high or the aroma is completely against your taste.

Right vaping

E-cigarettes are puffed differently than tobacco cigarettes. Proper vapor only develops if you draw less intensively and for longer.

Do you want to get off nicotine altogether?

Liquid shops Don't make the mistake of trying hard to reduce the amount of nicotine in the first place. First, you must have completely switched to e-cigarettes with nicotine, which you can only achieve with a nicotine liquid where the amount is similar to what you have been consuming. Only when you have not touched a conventional tobacco cigarette for at least 1 month can you slowly reduce the amount of nicotine over a long period of time? For example, if you use a liquid with 18mg/ml of nicotine, you should buy a bottle of the same type with 12mg/ml and add it bit by bit to the 18 so that the nicotine quantity slowly drops to 12. Then buy 6 liquids and do the same except for 6mg and finally buy the 0 liquid.

The route is the goal

Don't be fooled and use the e-cigarette whenever you feel the need for a cigarette. The rest is now purely a matter of the head because you are giving your body the amount of nicotine that your addiction requires. If you are aware of this, it should work, so that you keep your fingers off the fags and stop smoking thanks to the e-cigarette.

If you have only vaped e-cigarettes for about 3 weeks without even touching a tobacco cigarette, you have long since made it. To test it, you should really take a puff on a tobacco cigarette. You will be very surprised at how disgusting it tastes and how funny your body will react to it. At the latest then you will be aware of what you have achieved and where the big difference between electric and conventional cigarettes lies.

Warnings for the use of e-cigarettes

The consumption of e-liquids is not suitable for non-smokers, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with heart, circulatory, and lung diseases!

 We warn against consuming our e-liquids if you suffer from a lung disease, e.g. B. asthma, COPD, bronchitis, or pneumonia suffer. The aerosol (vaping) can cause an asthma attack, shortness of breath and coughing fits, or other reactions.

Allergic reactions can appear because of some ingredients in the vapes. Stop vaping immediately if you feel any discomfort related to consumption. If in doubt, consult your doctor. Simbavapes is offering Tito Vape Bulk Buy at a very affordable price.

E-liquids may not be drunk or consumed and may only be used in suitable e-cigarettes and e-shishas for vaporization. Avoid skin and eye contact. In the event of contact, the affected part of the body must be cleaned thoroughly with water, this applies in particular to liquids containing nicotine.

Nicotine is a neurotoxin and is generally harmful to your health. Nicotine is harmful to the heart and coronary arteries, can cause high blood pressure, and increase the risk of a heart attack.

E-liquids & e-cigarettes must be stored in such a way that they are inaccessible to persons under the age of 18!

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