Remodel Your Bathroom Floor with Fantastic Floor Tile Designs

Remodel Your Bathroom Floor with Fantastic Floor Tile Designs
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Did you realize that your bathroom is one of the most visited places in your home? You might still need to comprehend it, but it is! So turn your ground into a stylish and cool tile design that resounds with your style. Whether it be modern or traditional, the design of your bathroom should come down to the details. Floor tiles can add consistency to your space.

Which Bathroom Tiles to Choose

There are factors to consider when deciding which design of bathroom tiles to install. You should consider some elements such as strength, cost, quality, and appearance. Vital to use as bathroom tiles must be anti-skid, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. You need to have a tile design that can help avoid the growth of germs and bacteria. It's essential to be safe and secure in the choices we make.

You can also consider aesthetic tile designs to suit your personality. Designs for artistic and clever bathroom tiles are for people with stylish character. You have much to choose from, whether you want neutral or bold designs.

Penny Round Tile

This tile design has been available on the market for a long time and is even getting more popular. It is known for being easy to install and cheaper. It is named penny because of its round shape.
Penny round tile works well on bathroom floors as it is resistant to slippage. Its flexibility makes it an excellent fit to wrap around curved objects. Penny tile is suitable for everyone as it has aesthetic and well-designed properties. It is applicable for different spaces, like bathroom walls and floors in the kitchen. Better yet, penny tiles come at low prices and are available in various colors.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

These types of tiles are both made from clay. They differ in clay texture. Porcelain tiles have finer clay and are exposed to higher pressure and temperatures. This process of forming porcelain tile makes it stronger and denser. This makes it more desirable than ceramic tile.

Porcelain and ceramic are standard tiles that many use for bathroom floors. They are favored for their very inexpensive price. They are sturdy and last a long time; they are maintenance-free, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. These tiles can be obtained in different colors, contours, textures, designs, and finishes. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are also featured with an antimicrobial finish. That is, to obstruct the spread of germs and bacteria.

It shouldn't come as a surprise if these tiles are at the top of your list when designing your bathroom. They have plenty of designs to match your personal taste.

Wood Tiles

These tiles can create a warm and vibrant environment for your bathroom. Wood tiles are ageless, which is a perfect fit for nature lovers. They add consistency and look luxurious in your bathroom. These well-designed floor tiles made them look gorgeous. It doesn't matter if you install them in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal outline. It can always capture the interest of your guests.


Natural Stone Tile

This type of tile is famous for its durability, strength, and attractive design. Natural stone tile is the perfect, timeless design for your bathroom. This comes with ordinary stone designs cut into square and rectangular shapes.

Its natural aesthetic design makes this tile too expensive and requires regular cleaning. And because it is porous, it needs some polishing and sealing on a regular basis. Refrain from using natural stone, polished granite, or marble for your floor. It is prone to slippage when it is wet.

Terracotta Tiles

These earthly-themed tiles come from brown or red clay. They are set on fire and dried at high temperatures. Terracotta tiles have a warm and rustic appearance. These tiles need regular maintenance and are sealed as they are porous. That is to avoid stains and the absorption of moisture. Terracotta tiles give a warm and terrestrial look to your bathroom. Enough to make your guests interested in it.

Mosaic Tiles

This tile is suitable for any occasion, as it can be mixed and matched with others. That will create fine-looking flooring. Mosaic tile is small in size and comes from materials such as natural stone and ceramic.
Mosaic tiles have artistic motifs that are perfect for your creative personality. These unique designs can be a magnificent addition to your bathroom design.


Pebble Tiles

Pebble tile is at the top if you want a combination of modernism and nature. With this design, you can have your own oasis-themed bathroom. The natural attractiveness of pebbles is already unique in biological structures. Their added beauty comes from complex minerals and veins of quartz. Pebble tiles are comfortable to walk on because of their impeccable surface. You can have perfect relaxation with pebble tiles installed on your bathroom floors. Make your bathroom a luxurious spa-like theme.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are available in bold colors. Its contemporary style and traditional theme create an ethnic look in your bathroom. These handmade tiles come from natural materials, making them durable and firm. Cleaning is fine since they are easy to maintain. They are genuine, with rough surfaces that make them slip-resistant. Cement tiles must also need regular sealing as they are very porous.

Cement tiles have been the choice for most design enthusiast homes for many years. They come with the most dazzling designs, which give them a modish element. That looks great as an aesthetic theme in your bathroom.

Glass Tiles

These tiles give a radiant surface to your bathroom and make it look elegant and spacious. Most people recommend having rough-textured glass, as it create an anti-slip surface. It would not be slippery when wet. Glass tiles are low-maintenance and stain- and water-resistant. They even have feature to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Many people choose glass tiles because their luxurious feature looks good and reflects a lot of light.


Ideas must be at the top of your list when you plan to remodel your bathroom. There are lots of choices when it comes to floor tile designs. Consider things like whether it suits your budget. A vital factor in choosing tile designs will depend on your style and character. That one is a significant factor of choice. 

You should also choose a bathroom floor tile that is easy to maintain. A plus is that it is non-porous, durable, anti-slip, and good-looking. Of course, choosing that is stylish too.

Bathroom tiles come in a variety of materials. From cheap to luxury, such as solid marble tiles. No matter what the choices are, whether they look elegant or natural, they all need proper maintenance to keep your bathroom looking its best.


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