Remove Spin the Lucky Wheel From Android In 2 Easy Steps

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Remove Spin the Lucky Wheel From Android In 2 Easy Steps

Android has a built-in feature called “Spin the Lucky Wheel”, which allows you to win prizes simply by playing games. However, if you’re like most people and don’t want to spend your time playing games to win prizes, there are quick and easy ways to remove it. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that in 2 easy steps.
Remove “Spin The Lucky Wheel” Ads

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device

2. Scroll down to the “Ads” section and disable the “Spin The Lucky Wheel” button

3. That’s it! You can now enjoy a more ad-free Android experience
How to remove the popup of Lucky wheel virus?

If you see a popup notification from the Lucky wheel virus, there are several easy steps you can take to remove it. First, open your device’s Settings app and navigate to General > Security > Unknown Sources. Tap on the checkbox next to this option and then press Ok.

Next, find the Lucky wheel virus app in your device’s App Drawer and uninstall it. If you can’t find the app, try searching for “Lucky wheel virus” in your App Drawer first. Finally, clear your browser history and cache files of any suspicious websites or files.
Remove Spin the Lucky Wheel Pop-up Ads

If you’re unhappy with the intrusive pop-ups from the popular Spin the Lucky Wheel game installed on your Android device, there’s an easy tech way to get rid of them. Follow these simple steps:

First, open the app and locate the “Settings” menu. You’ll see a gear icon in the upper right corner. Tap on it and then select “Privacy.” From here, you’ll be able to toggle off all of the pop-ups that are bothering you.

If that doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling the app completely and reinstalling it from scratch. This may remove some of the additional settings that have been installed by the game’s developers.

How do I permanently remove the lucky spin wheel pop-up

If you’re experiencing problems with the lucky spin wheel pop-up from appearing on your Android device, there are a few quick and easy ways to get rid of it.

1. Head to your Settings app and look for the ‘Applications’ section. There, you’ll find a list of all the apps installed on your device. Find and tap on Spin the Lucky Wheel. Tap ‘Uninstall’, then confirm by tapping OK.

2. If you still see the lucky spin wheel pop-up after uninstalling Spin the Lucky Wheel, there may be another application responsible for setting it up in the first place. To check, head to your App Drawer (the icon at the bottom of your screen).

On either side of the App Drawer are two white boxes – one labelled ‘Settings’ and one labelled ‘App Info’. Inside App Info, find and tap on Spin the Lucky Wheel’s entry in the list of apps. Under ‘Permissions’, make sure that ‘Can Disable In Google Play Services’ is set to True (it should be by default). If it’s not, tap on it and set it to True.

3. If nothing else works, you can try manually uninstalling Spin the Lucky Wheel from your device by going to its installation location (usually C:\Program Files\Spin The Lucky Wheel) and deleting its exe file (it will have a .exe extension).
Benefits of Remove Spin the Lucky Wheel

There are definite benefits of removing the spin the lucky wheel app from your Android device. Firstly, it can be quite a drain on your battery life and secondly, it can be distracting and time-consuming. Here are some of the more common benefits:

1. It Can Drain Your Battery Life

The spin the lucky wheel app is a powerful tool and can easily consume your battery life if left running in the background. If you’re not using it, shut it down to conserve power.

2. It Can Be Distracting and Time-Consuming

The spin the lucky wheel app is designed to be addictive and can quickly become tiresome if left running in the background. While there are no real penalties for playing the game, it’s generally considered polite to refrain from doing so if someone else is trying to focus on work or other activities. Remove spin the lucky wheel from your device to save yourself some aggravation!


It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to play a game on your Android device and the spinning wheel just won’t stop! In this article, we’ll show you how to remove spin from a Lucky Wheel app in just two easy steps.

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