Repairing a Broken Tooth: How Will You Benefit?

Repairing a Broken Tooth: How Will You Benefit?
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16 December 2022

When it comes to the importance of a healthy smile can’t be understated. It helps reflect confidence in others. But to achieve a healthy smile, you can only do so through dentistry. Dental issues, such as broken teeth, can negatively affect your self-esteem, especially when you don’t take care of it. 

If you have a cracked tooth, you can easily restore it, which will not cost you much. The broken tooth St Albans provided by experienced dentists can help restore your tooth without many issues. They have the skills and knowledge to restore dental issues like these within a given time.

What are the benefits of repairing your broken tooth?

Repairing your chipped and broken tooth will shower you with numerous benefits. Although it’s impossible to list all the benefits, under this section, you will find the important ones. 

  • It will give you peace of mind because it will lessen the chances of a root canal from taking place. This is another reason why you must repair your chipped or broken tooth. Repairing the broken tooth will allow you to revamp your smile.
  • It will restore both your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Repairing a broken or chipped tooth can enhance dental health.
  • You will not experience any discomfort when chewing food products.

Methods to restore a broken tooth

There are two ways through which the dentist will restore a broken tooth St Albans, and they are: 

  1. Dental Veneer

Dental veneer is a restorative procedure for repairing chipped teeth. These veneers are designed for the teeth right before they are attached to the surface to revamp your teeth’s health. Materials used for creating dental veneers depend heavily on your requirements. You can opt for porcelain veneers, which will go well with your natural teeth. But when only small repairs are needed, a composite resin veneer might be an ideal option for the dental veneer. 

  • Full Implant 

The full impact is another great way to restore your broken or chipped tooth. This restorative procedure is used when your mouth is in danger of getting affected by a chipped or broken tooth. The dentist will conduct a full implant at the damaged area. This means they will get rid of the broken or chipped tooth and replace it with a new one.

  • Bonding or Filling

Another great way to restore your broken or chipped teeth is through bonding or filling. The dentist will etch right on your tooth before using a reparative adhesive. With the help of ultraviolet light, the surface area is hardened. This is a straightforward process, and there is no need to numb the broken tooth.

  • Porcelain Crown

The porcelain crowns are small and come in the shape of a hat. They can be excellent alternatives for dentures. Apart from repairing the broken tooth, it can also address the bike. They are used for straightening the facial muscles.

Parting Thoughts

Fixing a broken or chipped tooth can help you restore your smile. This will not just increase your self-esteem but also your confidence level. If you have a broken tooth, be sure to visit a dental clinic and get it fixed. The dentist will check and provide you with the best repair option.

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