Return of Legendary Killer

Return of Legendary Killer
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Return of Legendary Killer

Four years ago, he was framed by his secretary and fell into prison. Four years later, he expelled the enemy, protected his country, and became the supreme War God of the southern border. He returned with glory. I'll protect the person I love with my life. You're a bad person. I'll pay you back a hundred times over. Outside the border, the river was open. He would return the kindness and hatred of an emperor!

Chapter 1

In the early autumn, the wind was cool.
The withered leaves fell to the broad
shoulders with the wind.
iang Bei stood upright on the street and
ooked at the Yin Group opposite him, his
eyes full of endless killing intent.
Standing behind him was a handsome youncwoman in a black uniform.
Even if he was wrapped in a uniform, he
could not hide his curvy figure. His curvyfigure was a little more tempting.
But even a stunning woman like her could
only stand behind Jiang Bei respectfully ancobey his orders.
Jiang Bei looked at the Yin Group oppositehim and asked."Fire Phoenix, have you
investigated thoroughly about the matter younanded over to me?"
Four years ago, his son inherited his father'sob and became the chairman of the JinghacGroup.
At the age of nearly 20, he managed the
Jinghao Group in perfect order, and its marketvalue rose.owever, when he was high-spirited and
ready to put the group into the market, hewas framed by his subordinates.
He was drugged by his most trusted people.his secretary Qin Haiyao, framed him as arape, and was photographed by countlessreporters.

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