Revealing the Covered Features of Printed Butter Wraps

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Butter paper is an essential ingredient in food packaging. This blog will uncover the important features of custom butter paper for packaging. Those days have been gone when people used to be satisfied with food packaging in regular papers. Now, clients have become aware of the cons of low-quality packaging on a product's quality. That's why brands are improving food packaging to satisfy clients with their products. Do you own a food business and are looking for hygienic packaging? Printed butter paper for packaging is the ultimate solution. Apart from food, you can use butter papers to pack bakery or confectionery items.

Own a food brand and are eager to get familiar with the features of custom-printed butter paper? Your answer is yes. You have landed in the right place. This blog is a comprehensive guide. It aims at discovering all the facts about butter papers. Let's explore them without further ado.

Revealing the Covered Features of Printed Butter Wraps

What is Custom Butter Paper?

Before delving into the details, first, talk about butter paper. What is it? Butter paper is also known as wrapping paper. It is a cell-based paper. It is a grease-, heat-, water-, and moisture-free packaging solution. This paper is used as wrapping paper in various industries. But it is exclusively used in the food industry. However, bakery manufacturers also prefer using it because of its resistible attributes.

Butter Paper Packaging Uses:

As mentioned earlier, custom butter paper wraps are applied in numerous industries. However, food, bakery, and confectionery are the main industries. It is used in the food industry in various ways. At first, they are used for wrapping food items like sandwiches, cookies, patties, hamburgers, cakes, meat, brownies, and much more. Food wrapped in paper retains its freshness and does not let it contaminate it because of external odds. Besides that, printed butter paper for packaging is used in the following industries:

Make-up products:

 stunning design butter paper wraps enhance the elegance of beauty items and stand them out on the shelves.


Use colorful butter paper to cover beautiful flowers and bouquets. Wrapping flowers in delightful paper gives a luxury feel to packaging.


 Butter paper wrap adds a classy look to the packaging of sweatshirts, bandanas, and other clothing products.

Gift items:

A premium gift item's wrapping elevates the overall look of high-valued presents. Butter paper is ideal for giving an exclusive touch to jewelry, cosmetics, or luxury perfumes.

Exploring Features of Custom Printed Butter Wraps

Custom butter paper is durable. 

The best feature of custom packaging butter paper is its durability. It is made with thick paper and has the stamina to withstand environmental factors efficiently. So, products wrapped in sturdy paper do not lose their actual flavor or taste.

Customizable to Various Solutions:

Another good thing about butter paper is its customized nature. It is highly customizable. Brands can craft the shape, size, and color of paper that aligns with their brand. Moreover, they can add a personal feel to packaging by adding branding elements like logos, tag lines, slogans, etc. A unique, printed logo creates a separate brand's identity.

Resistible to Moisture and Heat:

The feature that makes butter paper wrap ideal for food packaging is its resistibility. Paper coated with paraffin wax offers heat, moisture, light, oxygen, and odour-proof packaging. Products stay uncontaminated and fresh for an extended period of time.

Printing Techniques Available for Butter Paper Packaging:

There is a wide list of printing techniques and finishings to adorn printed butter papers. It includes:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing method
  • Screen printing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Gloss finish
  • Aqueous coating

You can choose a suitable technique based on the brand's budget and the product's demands.

Take A Look At The Benefits Of Packaging Butter Paper:

Printed Butter Paper: Effective for the Brand's Marketing

Printed butter wraps are helpful not only for product safety but also for the brand's advertisement. Apart from that, they can be beneficial for the brand's promotion. Companies can craft papers with logos or artwork to create a distinctive image in a retail environment.

100% Eco-Friendly Butter Paper Wraps:

Butter paper wraps are made with biodegradable paper and laminations. Thus, they are 100% eco-friendly. Paper wraps can be recycled without emitting harmful gases or chemicals into the environment.

Add Value to the Product's Packaging:

The product's wrapping in colorful butter paper gives it a classy look. The product's value elevates and can grab the buyer's attention immediately.

A Hygienic Packaging Solution:

When it comes to purchasing food items, buyers become savvy. They cannot risk their health with unhygienic packaging. Another benefit of custom butter paper wraps is their hygienic nature. They give the utmost protection to delicate and sensitive items.


In comparison to regular paperscustom-printed butter paper wraps are highly cost-efficient.

Steps to Design an Excellent Packaging Butter Paper:

The following points are essential to keep in mind when it comes to crafting a special butter-printed paper for packaging:

  • You have to choose the finest quality paper.
  • Determine the size of the paper after a complete inspection of the product's dimensions.
  • Be sure to laminate the logo with premium finishings to make it stand out from the surface.
  • Go for food-grade laminations and printed inks.
  • Choose a minimal design, alluring graphics, and exciting color schemes.

Choose customboxeszone to order top-notch printed butter papers:

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