Review Film ''After Ever Happy'' End of Drama Hardin & Tessa

Review Film ''After Ever Happy'' End of Drama Hardin & Tessa
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One of the popular love stories that young people are interested in today is the 'After' franchise which tells the love story of a couple, Hardin and Tessa. Based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Anna Todd, the two's journey has been recorded in four films. Over the past few years fans have been treated to three installments in the stormy romance between Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). But now it seems that the final series will meet its end in September through the title 'AFTER: POUTO (2022)'.

This automatically makes  'AFTER: POUTO (2022)'  the fourth and final film in the 'After' film franchise and the sequel to 'After We Fell'. Building on the enthusiasm of fans, Voltage Pictures has just released a new trailer for the film's concluding chapter and illustrates what will happen next. happen in the future. The trailer gives us an idea of ​​how the love story, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott will develop further in the film. After finding out who Hardin's father really is, the relationship between the two clearly changes again. It's understandable that Hardin is still trying to process everything that changed his life and, once again, is straining his relationship with Tessa.

From the trailer, it seems that not everything is full of rainbows and sunshine for the couple. even Hardin and Tessa look like a couple about to split up to find each other. But of course no one knows how love goes and finds a way to bring people back together. It will definitely be interesting to see how this love story ends and in particular what tragedy Tessa goes through in the movie 'After 4: Pouto (2022)'. In addition to Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the film's cast includes Louise Lombard, Kiana Madeira, Chance Perdomo, Rob Estes, and Carter Jenkins. 'After Ever Happy' will be released on August 26 in Canada, Norway, South Africa, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. On September 7, the film will debut in Australia and New Zealand.

Here's the official synopsis of the movie 'After Ever Happy':

After learning a shocking fact about his biological father, Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is very upset and hates Christian Vance (Stephen Moyer). He did not think that all this time the boss of his lover had lied to him. Her mother's wedding ceremony which was being held also became a mess. As a girlfriend, Tessa (Josephine Langford) does not stay silent. He decided to leave the party and accompany Hardin.

Hardin who is still sad chooses to get drunk and calm down at home as a child. Without thinking he entered the house and set it on fire. The incident made Tessa panic because she was worried that Hardin would be imprisoned later. Luckily Vance arrived home and asked his son to leave before the firefighters arrived. Tessa and Hardin spend the night driving Vance's car.

After calming down, the two decided to head back to the hotel. After they arrived at the hotel, Hardin decided instead to stay in London and didn't want to go back to Seattle. Tessa was shocked when she found out that her boyfriend was actually drunk and making out in a nightclub. The incident irritated Tessa and ended up returning home early to Seattle. After a long journey, Tessa is again shocked by the death of her father after nine years of being separated from her home. This makes Tessa in deep shock and chooses to be alone, away from everyone including Hardin.

When he heard the news about Tessa's father's death, Hardin was shocked. He feels like a failure as a girlfriend because he can't always be there when Tessa needs him. Hardin immediately flew from London to Seattle to meet his girlfriend. But upon arriving home, Tessa's best friend, Landon (Chance Pedromo), forbids Hardin to meet Tessa. Hardin is sad and angry at himself when he sees his own girlfriend not wanting to meet him. Hardin was thinking whether he was worthy to be Tessa's life partner with his immature attitude.

Tessa decides to move on and tries to be sincere about her father's death. Tessa went with Landon to leave Seattle and live in New York at the same time turning over a new leaf. Tessa also asked Hardin not to see her for a while because she wanted to live a quiet life. While in New York, Tessa works part-time as a restaurant waitress along with Landon's lover, Nora (Kiana Madeira). In addition, Tessa is also close to Robert (Carter Jenkins) whom she had met while on vacation with Landon and Hardin at the cottage.

Tessa and Hardin now have their own busy lives. Hardin continued his education at the university. After being separated for months, Hardin heads to New York to meet Tessa. Their meeting got better after a long time apart. But trials came back to their relationship when Tessa found out that her love journey with Hardin was made into a journal and a novel by Hardin without her knowledge. Hardin wrote down everything in great detail, including the death of Tessa's father and the condition that Tessa couldn't get pregnant. Tessa is so disappointed that she finally decides to end her relationship with Hardin.

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