Rock Space Wireless Extender Firmware Update Guide

Rock Space Wireless Extender Firmware Update Guide
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22 September 2022

Do you wish for the Rock Space wireless extender device to work all the time? Do you find yourself nodding your head in affirmation? You have found this post. In this article, we've provided the steps to follow when you can follow to ensure that the Rock space extender's firmware upgrades through re.rockspace.local can be an easy task for you. Keep the article.

How to Do Rock Space Wireless Extender Firmware Update?

Turn On the Rock Space Wireless Extender

Start the Rockspace firmware update by plugging the range extender into an outlet for power. Be sure that the wall outlet isn't damaged by any source. Once you are sure you are sure, hit to turn off the extension.

Connect the Extender to the Router

You can purchase the Ethernet cable. Attach one cable end to your host router, and the other end connect it to the Rock space range extender. The Ethernet cable in use is not required to have deep cuts. Additionally, it shouldn't get worn out. In the event that it is, you won't be able update the firmware on your device effectively.

Open an Internet Browser

Connect your system (computer or laptopTurn on your computer or laptop. What is the browser that you typically use? Is it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Whatever it is, you need to open it. Check to see if it's not running an old version. Additionally its cache and history must be removed.

Visit re.rockspace.local

You are now required to log on to re.rockspace.local. For that you will need to find the address bar in your browser. When you locate it, type re.rockspace.local into it and hit Enter. You will soon be on the official login screen that is the range extender's login window.

Perform Rock Space Wireless Extender Login

After you've access to the login portal, you must enter the admin login credentials of the extender you want to use. Then, click the Log In button. After that, the Rockspace WiFi extender wizard will be before you.

Update Extender Firmware

Find the Settings menu in the wizard. When you have it found you can click it and then select that Administration option. Then, click on then the Firmware update button, and then wait for the Rock Space wireless range extender start rebooting. When your device has finished rebooting, the firmware upgrade process will be at an end.

Even though performing a Rock Space extender's firmware updates is not rocket science there are a variety of users who experience problems in the course of the procedure. Are you among those? If so you shouldn't delay any further time by reading these hacks.

Rockspace Extender Firmware Update Failed?

Read the details for the rockspace firmware update guide.

Power Supply

Verify that the Rock Space Range extender receiving the right amount of power via its connector. If it's not, you will should plug your extender into a different socket.

Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet cable used to connect your devices to the Internet must be connected properly with their Ethernet ports.

Web Address

Examine the website address you typed in. If you notice that there are typos in the address, it is recommended to enter the address again.

WiFi Interference

If home appliances that are smart and reflective surfaces are kept within the vicinity of your Rock space range extender, it's advised to change the position of the extension device.


If you're not placing your extender close to the router that hosts it, you should consider it high time to do so. However, you should not put the extenders too near to one to each other. Otherwise their signals could be hampered. Following these troubleshooting tips attempt to update the firmware on the Rock Space wireless range extender.


The Bottom Line

The process of performing a Rock Space extender's firmware updates is crucial if you want to boost efficiency of the device as well as solve any bugs or errors. We believe that, with the instructions above you'll be able to complete the procedure in a stress-free way.


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