Run 3 Online

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29 November 2023

Upon reaching a specific distance within the corridor run 3, your character's level will undergo an automatic increment. As you traverse the passage, keen observation reveals numerous absent platforms. Navigate this terrain by either jumping over these gaps or opting to walk along the sides, thereby rotating the entire passage. Collect power cells along the way to acquire in-game costumes. Embark on the adventure of Run 3 now to immerse yourself in the captivating experiences that lie ahead!

Run 3 stands out as the latest addition to the endless running game genre, tasking players with guiding diminutive aliens through the challenges of outer space. Developed by Joseph Cloutier, this installment marks the third chapter in the renowned endless running series, currently garnering popularity among the younger audience. Unlike its predecessors, Run 3 adopts an HTML5 format, enabling immediate play without the need for Flash support. Players can immerse themselves in a captivating gaming experience featuring new terrains and a straightforward primary objective: run incessantly while ensuring your character doesn't succumb to a fall.

Navigating through pathways, players must skillfully dodge obstacles such as stumbling blocks, falling bricks, treacherous holes, traps, and potential collisions with other hazards. Any collision with a wall results in the end of the game, prompting a restart from the corresponding level.

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