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The ubiquitous presence of virtual assistants has taken the internet by storm. Hiring virtual assistants has become imperative with increased globalization, access to the internet, and burgeoning e-commerce businesses. Many businesses using e-commerce platforms such as Shopify tend to hire Shopify assistants/ Shopify virtual assistants. The tasks and duties a virtual assistant is responsible for vary from business to business. 

We are here to specifically talk about Shopify Virtual Assistant, starting with the core of the remote assistance concept and gradually tapping the duties and hiring process of a Shopify assistant.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants work on the core concept of remote assistance. That means a virtual assistant doe not have to be physically present at your workplace. Instead, they work through the internet and provide professional service in the area they have expertise. 

Virtual assistants are usually hired on a contract basis. However, they are not part of your direct business team. However, the tasks and duties they are responsible for do not make them any less critical. 

A better way to understand how virtual assistants work is to think of outsourcing. As in outsourcing, businesses outsource specific tasks or business functions to other entities. Similarly, employers hire virtual assistants to delegate tasks that are minor in their scope but crucial for business operations. 

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

A virtual assistant can be assigned numerous tasks of varying nature. However, there are some everyday tasks that most virtual assistants are responsible for. 

The tasks usually include maintaining inventory, responding to customer queries, managing their orders, writing marketing or sales copy, branding, and much more. 

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, virtual assistants are usually responsible for the following types of tasks;


  • building online stores, e.g., Shopify store
  • designing a website
  • managing inventory
  • offering customer service  
  • content marketing services 


Besides the tasks mentioned above, there are numerous other activities to outsource to virtual assistants. However, the list mentioned above is relevant to e-commerce businesses. 

Moreover, virtual assistants handle all assigned tasks from their work machines and connect with the employer through the internet.

Shopify Virtual Assistant

As one can hire virtual for any business task, people with their e-commerce stores on Shopify tend to hire virtual assistants who have expertise in managing a business on Shopify. That is why they are known as a Shopify Virtual assistant; it is merely an expression of their expertise. 

A Shopify assistant must have expertise in managing the online business or Shopify store. Such as ensuring inventory checks, responding to customer queries, designing a Shopify store, Shopify product listing, sourcing, and other relevant tasks. 

Folks with their online businesses can take maximum advantage by hiring Shopify assistants and handing over the mundane tasks vital to business growth.

Hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is pretty common these days, especially among folks running online businesses. As virtual assistants manage and perform their duties online, their hiring takes place online too. 

In order to get started with hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant. The store owner is required to create a working mechanism document. This document must ensure all the guidelines to perform a task as it would enable the assistant to know exactly how you as an employer want a task to be carried out.

Afterward, draft a complete job description for the virtual assistant. This job description must be comprehensive and entail all the duties the assistant would be responsible for. After composing the job description, post it on online platforms that have a wider reach. 

Once you have posted the job, you will get the relevant leads and hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant.

For enabling your assistant to work in your store, you might have to share some details that might be confidential to you. Therefore, we recommend you add your virtual assistant as a staff account in your store settings. This will help to resort to confidentiality concerns. Moreover, if this does not seem enough, you may present your hired assistant with data sharing terms and conditions agreement. 

Final Thoughts

Establishing an online business may not be as hard as setting up a physical one. However, running and managing any business can be pretty nerve-wracking. That’s why business owners tend to hire staff to ease out business operations. In the online setup or ecommerce world, unlike regular staff, virtual assistants are hired. 

For an e-commerce store on Shopify, a Shopify Virtual Assistant can help in various tasks related to operations while allowing the owner to focus on scaling and business growth. 




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