Should You Avoid Wooden Skirting When You Get WPC Floorboards?

Should You Avoid Wooden Skirting When You Get WPC Floorboards?
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21 November 2022

Wooden floorboards are undeniably popular, and understandably so. They tend to look great in any room, especially one with wooden furniture and wooden skirting. However, there’s no denying that wood has one big weakness – its tendency to warp, crack and chip as it suffers from regular wear and tears. Instead of opting for wooden flooring, you may want to consider WPC (wood plastic composite) floorboards instead.

The Pros of PVC Skirting

PVC is an ideal material for skirting as it is durable and easy to clean. It will not rust or chip like traditional skitting materials, which means it will retain its good looks for much longer. PVC skirting also comes in a range of styles so you can tailor the look of your house to suit your tastes. If you are looking for a low-maintenance option, you should seriously consider wpc vinyl floorings that have been fitted with PVC skirting.

The Cons of Wooden Skirting

Wooden skirting is a great way to keep your wooden flooring looking its best. But, it can cause trouble if you don’t maintain it correctly. For instance, water and dampness can cause wood to swell and wpc dielen 4 meter which will distort the joints. If you have waterproof wpc flooring installed on top of your wooden skirting, the moisture will simply drip off, leaving the skirting intact. This could be a lifesaver when that leaking roof suddenly starts dripping right onto your beautiful hardwood floors!

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Why You Should Avoid Wooden Skirting

Wooden skirting is attached to the flooring and can only be removed by digging it up, which will require a lot of work. Besides this being time-consuming and difficult, it's also likely to leave your yard looking like a total mess. The installation of wpc floor boards has not been found to have any negative effects on your existing foundation and it's much easier to clean compared to old-fashioned wooden skirting. Another benefit of wpc floor installation is that you won't need to wpc dielen 4m it again for many years, saving you the hassle of constantly having to change colors according 
to season or trends. With traditional wooden skirting, you will also find that chips and cracks come with wear and tear as it becomes dated quickly.

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