Sierra Club California is looking for Members to Join Its Project to Save the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta

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Summary: Sierra Club California is a major environmental advocacy group in CA and is looking for members to join the project to save the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta. 

Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2023): The Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta is a vital part of California’s ecology and economy. This vast network of rivers, streams, and estuaries is home to a wide variety of species, including fish, birds, and other wildlife. It is also an important source of water for millions of Californians. As such, it is essential to take steps to protect and conserve this vital resource. Sierra Club California is trying to protect this delta, and is looking for members to join its project to save the same. 

The state of California has taken a number of steps to protect and conserve the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. These include the implementation of the Delta Plan, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for managing the Delta’s resources. This plan includes measures to reduce water pollution, improve water quality, and restore habitat for fish and wildlife. Additionally, the state has implemented a number of programs to support the protection of the Delta, such as the Delta Conservancy and the Delta Stewardship Council.

It is encouraging to see the state of California and Sierra Club California are taking steps to protect and conserve the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta. This vital resource is essential to the state’s ecology and economy, and it is important to take steps to ensure its sustainability. With the implementation of the Delta Plan and other initiatives, residents of CA can be confident that the Bay delta tunnel will remain a healthy and vibrant part of California’s environment for generations to come.

Sierra Club California is trying to promote the use of water-saving devices in urban areas. Around half of the water used in homes is for landscaping. Urban water usage might be decreased by 30% by switching out thirsty lawns with landscaping that can withstand drought, using smart irrigation technology, utilizing rainwater and graywater, and pushing aggressive rebate programs for efficient appliances.

It wants users to provide thorough consumption records and statewide water meters. Californian residents are being encouraged to hurry up with installing dedicated water meters in each residence and place of business. Currently, cities have till 2025 to finish this procedure. Home use reports caused a 6.6% decrease in water use in a pilot study conducted in the East Bay.

It is trying to sustainably manage groundwater use. California is one of the only states in the US that does not control groundwater, which has caused unmanageable overdraft levels, aquifer storage capacity damage and catastrophic land subsidence. For new development projects, SB610 and SB221 demand documentation of the water supply that is available. To limit unsustainable growth more effectively, these regulations need to be improved. These actions, together with others, may lower water consumption statewide. Even in rainy years, this is more water than the Delta exports. The Sierra Club of California advocates cost-effective alternatives to the risky massive tunnels venture.

About Sierra Club California
Sierra Club California is one of the biggest Californian environmental advocacy groups and is based in Los Angeles, CA. It aims to work on water projects, such as peripheral canal project. 

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