Significance of Using Needle Holder

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The needle holder is an important component of every surgical tool kit. It looks like surgical scissors and is also known as a needle driver or needle forcep. It helps the surgeon by holding the suture needles in place during the surgical procedure.

In addition, the surgical tool decreases the chances of slippage by firmly grasping the needles. Thus, the needles can reach the areas that are difficult to access easily during a surgical procedure.

Significance of Using Needle Holder


Mayo Hegar Needle Holder:

Surgeons use the Mayo Hegar Needle Holder to hold suture needles during different surgical procedures. The surgical tool is important for wound closure, offering a firm grip with its textured jaws. It comes in several variations because of its extensive use. Moreover, the instrument features a clamp mechanism that will fasten the suturing needles. It is steam sterilizable and reusable. Hegar needle holder can maneuver numerous needles. It means a surgeon can easily insert any needle in this one, so the user does not have to search for another tool to drive the needle during a critical surgical process.

Mayo needle holder is used in a multiple types of surgical procedures. Due to its elasticity, it is one of the most commonly used surgical tools for human and animal procedures and is usually used with larger, weighty suture needles due to its wide jaws.

Features of Needle Holders:

It would be incorrect to limit this incredible surgical tool to one function. But the prime function is to move the needles. The needles’ movement along with the stitching thread shuts the injury site. This helps the healing to occur and makes the skin recover and renew. But there are other purposes of a holder. It can work on anatomical structures and also can pick up the tissues. It ties the two ends of a stitching thread too. The counterparts of this surgical tool have great importance no matter the surgical procedure. The jaws have ribbed patterns, while the handle is a powerful working end. The handle offers strength to the tool from the hands to the jaws and it needs less cleaning by sterilization too. 

Significance of Using Needle Holder



The key role of a holder is to close the wounds to start the healing. In other cases, these holders can also cut open the stitches. This surgical tool moves the needle near the injury and helps to stitch the wound to stop the bleeding. A medical worker can also move this holder to seal the ends of the wound. Holders are dependable for moving the tissues in some cases too. However, it is important to use the needle holder with care. But the pointy needle can damage the healthy skin place. To avoid this risk factor, an appropriate method for holders is important.

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