Sim Owners Detail| Get location via “Live Tracker”

Sim Owners Detail| Get location via “Live Tracker”
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27 October 2023

Sim Owners Detail is a comprehensive database crafted to assist you in uncovering the details of SIM card owners in Pakistan. In our daily lives, we often receive calls or messages from unknown numbers, raising concerns about the identity of the caller. How can you identify these suspicious individuals? It is essential to find a reliable and secure method to reveal their identity.

Pak Sim Data offers you a seamless platform to search for SIM owner details associated with any telecom number using our reliable “sim database online”. Our service is accessible to all citizens of Pakistan, providing a free and user-friendly search engine. We understand the importance of simplicity; our website is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that anyone can use our service tools without any prior knowledge or complications.

Take control of your communication experience and stay informed about the people contacting you. Sim Owners Detail by Pak Sim Data is your trusted solution for identifying unknown callers safely and efficiently.

Explore Pak Sim Data Services

Pak sim database offers a diverse range of essential services that go beyond mere tools. Before diving into the details of any number, it is crucial to ensure that the number is registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Sim Owners Detail

Effortlessly uncover comprehensive sim information about SIM card owners in Pakistan. With just a mobile number or CNIC of the person in question, you can access vital data, including the owner's name, CNIC number, and mobile number, all stored within the tiny SIM card.

Live Tracker

Our advanced Live Tracker tool empowers you to pinpoint the location and trace details of any number, whether for lost or stolen SIM cards or mobile devices, using GPS technology. Seamlessly search for SIM owner details through our user-friendly online platform. Pak Sim Data guarantees 100% accuracy and authenticity, offering multiple features for your convenience.

CNIC Information System

 Retrieve information easily using an individual's CNIC number, which can also be employed for verification purposes. Within seconds, you can access SIM owner details on your screen by providing the 11-digit number. We've streamlined the process, ensuring our users encounter no obstacles while utilizing Pak Sim Data.

Trust Pak Sim Data to deliver reliable, swift, and secure services for all your SIM card and number-related inquiries. Are you weary of incessant calls or texts from unidentified numbers? Pak Sim Data provides you with the means to unveil the identities behind these mysterious calls. Utilize our Sim Owners' Detail tool effortlessly to glean information about the SIM card owner in Pakistan. Uncover the owner's name, address, and CNIC details of the unfamiliar caller. Moreover, our tool might even divulge whether the SIM card is currently active or deactivated, along with its activation date. Regain command over your communication and put an end to unwelcome calls with Pak Sim Data.

Get “Sim Information” in one Click

Certainly, retrieving SIM owner details through Pak Sim Data is a straightforward process. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Your Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser on your device.
  • Visit Pak Sim Data Website: Type "" into the URL bar and press enter to access the Pak Sim Data website.
  • Access Sim Owners Data Pakistan: On the website, locate and click on 'Sim Owners Data Pakistan' to access the dedicated search feature.
  • Enter Mobile Number: In the provided search field, enter the mobile number for which you want to retrieve SIM owner details.
  • Click 'Submit': After entering the mobile number, click on the 'Submit' button to initiate the search.
  • View Results: Within seconds, the desired results will appear on your screen, providing you with the sim information you seek. This may include details such as the SIM owner's name, address, and CNIC details.

Pak Sim Data ensures a smooth and trouble-free process for its users, allowing you to obtain the information you need with confidence.


The summary above emphasizes the ease and efficiency of using Pak Sim Data to find details of any mobile number (regardless of the network operator in Pakistan). Our database system is designed for effortless use, accessible to anyone without restrictions. There are no limitations imposed on our search functionalities. You can search for SIM owners' details in Pakistan using either the mobile number or the CNIC number of the person, making the process incredibly versatile and user-friendly.

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