SNO Trailers Recon: The Ideal Compact Overlanding Trailer

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Overlanding has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why - the freedom of the open road, the thrill of the journey, and exploring destinations near and far all sound like a great way to spend your time!

Though many people choose to overland in large rigs - campervans, big trailers, RVs, and such - you don’t have to go big when you want to explore the great outdoors.

In fact, you can go really small, if you want!

New to our inventory is the SNO Trailers Recon, a compact overlanding trailer that might be small in size and stature, but it’s big on features and amenities. Is it the right option for your needs? Let’s find out! 

This Compact Overlanding Trailer is Compact & Lightweight 

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The SNO Trailers' Recon represents the perfect balance between compactness and functionality in the world of overlanding trailers. With a length of 9'6", a width of 4’10”, and a height of 4'11", the Recon is a small package, but don’t let its size fool you. Despite weighing just 600 lbs, the Recon punches way out of its weight class…

The Recon's compactness and lightweight nature make it an agile companion, ready to negotiate tight turns, steep inclines, and rough terrain with ease. It can be easily towed by the right four-wheeler (please check your four-wheeler’s towing capacity), allowing you to reach remote locations that are rich with outdoor experiences. 

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Beyond simple transport, the lightweight design means less strain on your quad or UTV, better fuel efficiency, and longer expeditions. This overlanding trailer truly maximizes your range, getting you to those secluded spots that others can only dream of.

With the Recon overlanding trailer, the journey into the wild doesn't have to be a challenge; it becomes an exhilarating adventure with the promise of unlocking untouched areas and rewarding outdoor experiences. What’s not to like about that?!

This Small Overlanding Trailer is Built for Long and Difficult Journeys

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When it comes to long, grueling journeys into the wild, the Recon stands tall, built to endure and excel. This trailer boasts a powder-coated steel frame that’s resistant to rust and an aluminum body that offers resilience without adding unnecessary weight. These durable materials ensure your trailer stays in peak condition for countless expeditions.

Beyond being tough, the Recon is also visually appealing with three color options - SNO White, Storm Gray, or Desert Sand - designed to blend seamlessly into the wilderness. Aesthetics aside, the Recon is as practical as it is robust, offering generous storage within its compact body, including a large rear compartment, two side doors, and a front utility box.

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The Timbren suspension system and premium wheels ensure a smoother ride, even in the roughest terrain. With the additional Max Coupler, towing is a breeze, even when the trailer is loaded to capacity. This means you can take all your essential gear without worrying about mobility.

You Get Creature Comforts, Too

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Adventuring into the wild doesn't mean you have to forgo comfort. The SNO Trailers Recon, with its thoughtful amenities, ensures that every trip is accompanied by the comforts of home.

Foremost among these is the onboard water storage system, a key component that understands the value of water when you’re miles away from civilization. With capacity options that can be tailored to various needs, it ensures that water, an essential commodity in the wild, is always within reach.

The Recon further enhances your comfort with a comprehensive electrical system. At its core lies a NOCO Lithium Battery, a reliable source of energy in the remote wilderness. This is complemented by a Renogy Battery Monitor, providing you with real-time insights into power usage and battery health.

Adding an eco-friendly touch, the Recon incorporates a solar plug and a Renogy Waterproof Solar Charge Controller, facilitating sustainable energy use. When grid power is available, the NOCO Genius Battery Charger ensures quick charging. An on/off battery switch and charging port panel provide user-friendly and safe control over the electrical system as well.

With its thoughtfully designed water storage and robust electrical components, the Recon isn’t just an overlanding trailer; it’s a home on wheels, providing comfort in the heart of the wilderness.

You Can Add Tons of Options to the SNO Trailers Recon

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The SNO Trailers Recon offers a customizable experience that aligns with your unique outdoor needs. While the base model comes loaded with impressive features, there's room for enhancement with numerous available upgrades, empowering you to make the Recon truly your own.

With a suite of upgrade options, the SNO Trailers Recon transforms from a mere trailer to an extension of your overlanding lifestyle. So, gear up with a SNO Trailers Recon, and let us help you make your overlanding experiences all the better. After all, that’s why BTR - pronounced better - is in our name!

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