Some Important Fabric Codes For Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa

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Cleaning your fabric sofa can somewhat be challenging because unlike other types of furniture, these are a bit tricky. You cannot use all kinds of cleaner on it. For instance, you will have leather cleaner for leather furniture, but this is not the case for fabric-based sofa. You have to be delicate with the fabric of the sofa for there is a possibility that too much unwanted abrasion during the cleaning process can easily damage the fabric and this can cause some serious issues. And it can become trick even more so if you have stained the fabric. This article is dedicated to help you understand some basic tricks to take into account to clean your fabric sofa.

The first is of course removing the dust. The dust should be the first focus because it forms the top most layer of the sofa and dust accumulates almost everyday and over time, if the sofa is left undusted, layers of dust will settle on top of it- one after the other. The ones at the lower base can easily be get stuck to the fibres permanently (if left undusted for a long time). This reduces the fluffiness of the fabric; the fibres start looking old and there is visible discolouration. All of this can be avoided by regular rendering of dusting on the sofa. And it does not even take much. Try not to use a brush while dusting your fabric sofa because you may accidentally damage the fabric by application of excessive force. The best solution is to use a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure you do not use the brush extension. This allows you to dust every corner of the sofa without risking any damage on the fabric accidentally.

When it comes to removing stains, it can get trickier, at least seemingly, if you do not know what to do. But then, if you opt for the ‘S’ (solvent) code, it does not take much to get the job done. You will have to render a spot cleaning. Most people assume that spot cleaning at home involves using water or water-based solution containing detergent. While it might work in some cases, but sitting water on your expensive fabric sofa, isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do to the sofa. Make sure you are using a mild water-free solvent or a dry-cleaning product. This means that you will not be leaving a water or abrupt looking wet spot in the wake of it. If you are looking for dining rooms furniture outlet in CT, or if you are looking for mattresses outlet in CT and living room furniture outlet in CT, consider Jason Furniture Outlet.

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