Some Quick Tips For Energy Connection When Moving Home

Some Quick Tips For Energy Connection When Moving Home
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Who says moving home is fun? It is no easy task, but some quick tips can help you sort your energy connections while moving.


When you move, it is a whole process of packing, shifting, and adjustments. But that’s not it. Switching home also means moving home electricity, gas, and water connection. Moreover, you have to manage your gas and water connection by yourself when living in Australia. Some tips will help you for sure in the process.


But first, you need to confirm whether your current energy provider provides services at your new address. If not! Then switching to a new energy supplier is the best option for your new house. So, let’s see how you can connect utilities at your new address. Plus, how to wind up at your previous one! Here are some quick tips:

  1. Contact your current energy provider
  2. Let them know your moving date
  3. Transfer the authorities to the new holders
  4. Beware of the termination fee
  5. Check if your new home has clear connections
  6. Note down the meter readings on a moving day

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Contact your current energy provider:

The first tip is to contact your current energy provider at least two weeks before the moving day. Tell him all the needed information about your moving date and clear your previous bills. If no one takes over your current home, your electricity and gas will be disconnected.  

Let them know your moving date:

Tell them about your moving day and date as soon as possible. In this way, the process of your account termination will start on time. Keep in mind that it has to be done at least two weeks before moving out.

Transfer the authorities to the new holders:

If you know that someone else is going to be a tenant there, transfer the authority to the new inmates. This tip works perfectly for both you and the energy providers. In that case, your energy provider will update the account details as soon as you confirm the moving date.

Beware of the termination fee:

When moving home electricity or gas, you may have to pay the termination charges. Therefore, it is advisable to clear all your previous bills before you move out. Well, the charges usually apply when you leave in the middle of a contract. If you are not switching energy providers, this termination fee won’t apply to you.

Check if your new home has clear connections:

Now that you are done with your current energy provider, it is time to keep a check on your new location. So, the quickest tip is coming your way. Go to your new address and check your gas, electricity, and water connections. In addition, ensure the safety and clarity of your meter. It is vital to precheck these things before you opt for a new energy connection.

Note down the meter readings on a moving day:

Here is the final tip. Note down the meter readings of your old and new home on a moving day. This record will help you with future references. Moreover, you will have a clear idea of your previous energy usage and charges.

Summing up:

Moving home! Here are some tips for energy connection. Before you pack or unpack your stuff, take care of your electricity, gas and water connection. Contact your current energy provider and inform your moving date. Clear up your account details and see if you have to pay the termination fee. Meanwhile, check your energy connections in your new location and write down your meter readings.


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