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Great call to action against child trafficking making Sound of Freedom best Hollywood film of 2023

When I read the plot of Sound of Freedom, I was wondering what’s so new or special about the film that it has reviewed by many as best Hollywood film of 2023. This year has been a highly competitive year when it comes to sequels of some great successes in Hollywood, and I was surprised how this film based on child trafficking has managed to top score charts.

After freeing the boy, the federal agent discovers that the child’s sister continues to be in possession of the people who trafficked children and then embarks on a risky mission to liberate her. This appears to be a fairly standard setup for a story of this kind. When he realised that she was going to die soon, he quit his job and went far into the Colombian jungle, putting everything on the line in an attempt to save her life. I was sure I have seen many similar plots before, but after watching the film, I must say it exceeded the expectations and conveyed some messages that world needs to be remined off again and again. Here are the few reasons why it’s a must watch.

  1. Call to action against child trafficking

Sound of Freedom is a powerful and emotional call to action about human trafficking. There are some issues with the way the video portrays the sensitive subject matter, but on the whole, the film is successful in its mission which I also evident in its trailer.

One of the most important criminal crimes of our day is dealt with head-on in the film Sound of Freedom, which is what Hollywood has commonly resisted doing. The film is thought-provoking and captivating, and it acts as an indicator that it does not matter how many young people are abused or where they are located as long as there are still young people who are mistreated.

  1. Why the film’s persuasive plot so important?

The child trafficking is increasing at a dangerous rate and still, Hollywood film makers are shying away from addressing this issue in a persuasive manner by including facts and figures. Some films have addressed the issue but focus has been placed on entertaining factors to prevent preachy plot due to the fear of losing the audiences’ interest.

But what most film makers are ignoring is the today’s audiences’ interest in watching meaningful and informative films making contribution to social welfare. Emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility has influenced the whole corporate world, and media and filmmaking are no longer exceptions. Sound of freedom’s box office success has proved that plots that are informative and include call to action against social issues are being valued by the viewers.

Yes, I also don’t like too preachy plots but the issue of Child Trafficking is growing out of proportion and it is the high time, world must be persuading to take action against it at not only government or national level, but at the individual level as well. A victim of labour trafficking may have been persuaded to provide services or do work for the trafficker by deception, compulsion, or even physical assault. This accounts for about 6 million people, or 63%, of the estimated 10 million adults and 4 million children who have been victims of human trafficking. About a quarter (24%) of trafficking victims are children.

  1. Finally a hero deserving to be called a hero

A huge dilemma is Entertainment industry today is over emphasis on staying relevant no matter that leads to portraying wrong heroes to the society. Fans of some globally acclaimed series might disagree with me but I will not be hesitant is sharing my disappointment towards showing thieves, robbers, racers, and invaders as the heroes.

The American hero in Sound of Freedom, who faces impossible obstacles and ultimately risks his life for a larger cause, is a fantastic fit with the holiday’s symbolic meaning, in my opinion. The Fourth of July is primarily a day to honour American heritage and traditions, so what better way to do it than by viewing a film about a national hero’s valiant deeds? The powerful emotional connection and feeling of patriotism evoked by Sound of Freedom is bolstered by the film’s allusions to a genuine tale making it the best Hollywood film of 2023.

  1. It’s an emotionally resonant rescue operation

Overall,  Sound of Freedom is about a high-stakes search and rescue mission. However, the film also contains a faith-based message that runs throughout the whole of its narrative. These faith-based features enable Sound of Freedom to reach out to a distinct and committed audience of religious folks who are likely not the primary intended audience for various mainstream films. This audience may not be the intended target demographic of other mainstream films. Sound of Freedom, with its religious overtones, speaks directly to the convictions and principles held by these particular audiences, which makes the experience of listening to it all particularly profound for them.

Here, Sound of freedom has broken many stereotypes associated with faith-based films. It is usually perceived that films that are catered to audiences of certain values and believes don’t work well on the box office. But faith-based aspects of Sound of Freedom also prompted numerous groups of individuals to promote it among themselves, which in turn improved its performance in cinema.

Audiences are reviewing it to be the best Hollywood film of 2023 and sharing positive feedback about it. In spite of the fact that the movie has ideal viewer reviews on one platform, people may still have different perspectives about it. However, due to the fact that it is able to wow a certain demographic of people, Sound of Freedom has been able to create a sufficient amount of buzz to do reasonably well at movie theatres.


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