Sparrow Daughter - Save Sparrows for a beautiful tomorrow

Sparrow Daughter - Save Sparrows for a beautiful tomorrow

Sparrow Daughter was founded by Mr. Adil Siddique, the Managing Director of TEPL. It is an initiative taken by him to save the birds that are on the verge of extinction, especially house sparrows.
We aspire for a future where humans and birds can coexist in peace and harmony. Humans and birds are inseparable parts of nature. If we don’t stop mindlessly vandalizing the birds and their habitat, we would destroy our near future, eventually destroying us.
We want to give jobs to women. Empowering women is essential to the health and social development of families, communities and countries.
So, we make birdhouses that birds can safely live in. We have a range of birdhouses made from leather, which is ideal for sparrow birdhouses. Our birdhouses keep the birds safe and healthy while also providing them with shelter. 
We hope to build a better future by creating birdhouses for sparrows and empowering women. We also believe in creating birdhouses that do not harm the environment and are eco-friendly. 
With your help, we can make a better tomorrow for our bird friends and ourselves. Together, let’s work towards a bird-friendly future. 
Get in touch with us to Save Sparrows for a beautiful tomorrow.  
The Sparrow Daughter Team.
Thank you for your support! 


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