Spore Syringes: Are They Legal?

Spore Syringes: Are They Legal?
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13 December 2022

Simply said, a spore syring is a syringe with two components: water and mushroom spores. The water serves only as a suspension for the spores and doesn't contain any nutrients. Since the water being used is often distilled and devoid of nutrients, the spores won't grow and begin to produce mycelium. This is crucial to understand since the legal situation radically changes once mycelium begins to emerge.

What makes spore syringes acceptable?

Psilocybin, the substance linked to magic mushrooms, is illegal in all but a handful of nations, however local laws may differ. The term "magic mushrooms" refers to the process by which the body converts the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin into psilocin.

Psilocybin is not found in magic mushroom spores; it only appears during germination, when mycelium begins to grow. For this reason, magic mushroom spores are ordinarily entirely legal. Therefore, the drug that the mushroom contains, not the mushroom itself, is banned.

The legal status shifts from legal to illegal as soon as the mycelium begins to form from these spores since it includes psilocybin. Therefore, spore syringes are sold pre-filled with water.

So why do people purchase spore syringes?

Two reasons drive the purchase of spore syringes:

For the goal of mycology research, as a pastime, or to examine the spores under a microscope. In order to grow mushrooms. Some nations permit this, and as was already noted, the law is continuously changing.

The spores are generated legally in a licensed laboratory and are sold in various locations across certain countries. People could make Spore Syringes from the homegrown psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, but it would be entirely against the law. Always proceed with utmost caution when deciding whether to buy spores from a dealer because you can never be sure if they are getting them lawfully. In addition to being created illegally, the spores you receive were likely produced under less-than-ideal circumstances, which increases the possibility of contamination.

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